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Still Figuring Things Out

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As you can see, I changed the layout in the my blog.  I’m still trying to figure of how to add a link to my online shop and vice versa.  As well as setting up a gallery of items that I am selling and what I had made.  I am also debating whether or not, to change the photo banner above. 

I watched You-Tube videos just before going to bed.  Beside learning new techniques and getting inspire for upcoming projects, it drains my smart phone so I can plug it and have it fully charge in the morning. 

One of the channels that I watched is Vickypgr, https://www.youtube.com/user/vickypgr .  She is an expert on paper piecing and makes wonderful cards.  Her photo banner is a field of daisies.  The questions is if I replace the photo, what do I replace it with?  I have to come up with a photo that combines knitting, crochet, and cards.  At this moment, I am more concern of getting the links working. 

I do know two computer experts that I can asked.  One of them lives in the USA and she has a crazy work schedule where we can only leave email messages to each other.  The second one lives in the same town as I do, but he is going through some personal  issues which  I am giving him some space and time to deal with them.  So I will keep tinkering. 

My schedule is another thing that I am still tweaking.  Like when I do make things for Original Things, myself and charities like Operation Write Home.  I decide that the odd days like May 5th, 7th, and 11th, I will work on things for Original Things.  And the even days, will be for the other. Why? 

Two reasons mostly. I only made 3 or 4 scarves and a hat for myself.  For years, I swore that  I am going to make myself a pair of slippers and finish the blanket.  And years later, my feet are still cold and the blanket is still in pieces.  So I am going to see if this schedule works. 

My second reason is that everything for Original Things is made in a smoke free environment.    And I do prefer everything I make in a smoke free environment.  But I can frebreeze my slippers if I have to.  Two people in my life at this moment are smokers and one of them happens to be my boyfriend.  When we hang out, I can’t knit or crochet.  He tells me it is a good thing because I need a break.  And he gives himself cancer at the same time.  I’m still scratching my head at his explanation. 

But when we watch a movie, or go on a road trip where he is drives, I find myself fidgeting in my seat.  I need a project to keep me distract while we are on our road trip. 

Besides slippers and a blanket, one of my best friend asked me to crochet her a dragon.  Then there are the Christmas presents.  And yes, I know it is May, but say for example, I want to knit a sweater for my dad, it will take time to knit.  And I not going to be pulling all nighters working on it. 

So the tweaking continues.

Author: lesleysoriginalthings

I have an online business where I sell handmade items including cards, teddy bears, scarves and bags.

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