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Taking Stock.

 I found Crafters Network on Facebook that lists business that sells arts and crafts.  So of course, I am thinking that this is good for Original Things.  But I noticed that I need to get more things in the website, and of course, there is the big sale in November.  So I have been taking stock of what needs to be done, how many dishclothes, bears, cards and what kind of cards. 

While I realized that it is June and summer is just began.  But  if I have to make three big bears, that take me roughly two weeks to complete each, that is six weeks.  I honestly thought, if I have an idea, it would give me a sense of direction.  Especially if I am going to be doing the Alphabet Cards.  It did give me a sense of direction, but also a sense of panic. 

And I am still using my friend’s laptop.  I have been on the phone with the manufactures this morning to see of what is the hold up.  And even up getting the run around.  However I have it clear up and hopefully it will be on its way.  I hope.  Nevertheless, it still frustrating as heck.  And because of the computer, I might end up doing a page on Facebook for now. 

On the bright side, I think I got something set up for the cards.

  SAM_0601  It is three sheets of white cardstock taped together for the sides.  I didn’t tape the bottom because I need it to be collapsible. 


SAM_0606    Here is it is with one of my cards.


SAM_0608  Granted I took a rough picture of this.  If I was really showing the card, I would take my time and be closer.  But I wanted to give you an idea of what it would look in the box.  It should work as long as I don’t have any white cards. 

But of course, I do.  I might have to make a run to Michaels to pick up some black Bristol board and maybe some white to make it more sturdy.  I am going to need a cookie now.


The Alphabet Cards

When I first saw C is for Cookie card by Madame Wong it gave me an idea which I started to question my sanity.  What about making the “Alphabet Cards”. 

I don’t mean have the letters, “A”, “G”, or even “T” on the card.  Make the cards to represent the letter.  Like “B” for birthday, brads, brayers, or “S” for Spellbinder Dies, stickers, or sympathy card.  I should make “C” for cuckoo.

The more I thought about this, the more I realized that this might work.  I set up a few ground rules for myself.  The cards have to either for Original Things, Operation Write Home or myself.  Unless I am giving the card in person, there are not going to be any heavy embellishments. And it has to be realistic.  What I mean that did you know that June 23rd was “Pink Flamingo Day”  Well that seems like a cool holiday, but honestly, I don’t see myself making a card for that or even recieving a card like that.

I also decide to do this in alphabet order and make at least 3 cards.  Which is not bad, considering I could make a birthday card for a boy, girl, and unisex.  As well give me time to think of the hard letters like “X” and “Z”.  So far, I am coming up with zip. 

I also not going to do them all at once.  I have other cards that need to be done as well and I’m afraid I will definately be going cuckoo.


A Dino-Mite Card


Operation Write Home had a midweek throwdown. This week was to make cards for kids. I thought that this would be an easy challenge. I am an aunt to 8 kids so I have made one or two cards for kids.

I made this card before for a little boy. I have completely this card, months before his birthday. And of course, when his birthday came, I totally forgot about this card and made another one. Good grief.

Nevertheless, I thought that card would be perfect for this challenge. The dinosaur is from Create A Critter cartiage from the Cricut machine. I completed this card last night, but decide to take a picture of it in the morning. Except when I went to bed, I realized that I wasn’t happy with the colors. I originally chose the same green as the dinosaur for the card, but it didn’t seem right. I ended up tearing (carefully) apart at one in the morning.

So today, I changed the colors and now I am completely happy. I am planning to use a white paper for a liner, but decide to add it later when I finish the next batch of cards for Operation Write Home. I do admit, I am wondering of how to mail it. Can it be folded over the envelope like the other cards or do I put the whole card inside and tick off the volunteers who sort of this card.


Sketch #177

This is my second challange I did in one day. I guess I was on a roll. But for once, I actually just made one card instead of six or seven and struggling which card to pick. However, I really like this sketch. I thought I would have trouble with the banner, but once I measured and mark the central point of the black cardstock and draw guidelines to cut, it was pretty easy after that.

I brought this stamp set, “Horse Frontier” from Stampin Up. The minute I saw the horse, I knew that I had to have it. I am a horse nut, after all. So any stamps, paper, stickers or even yarn that has a horse name, I have to have it. I admit that I had to tweak the sketch just a bit. The focus point, I had to make a little wider and shorter to fit the horse.


I hope everyone can see the card clearly. If you cannot, let me know and I will take it again. I have a spot to take pictures of the cards, which happens to be on the dinning table. Well unfortunately, I just finished dinner and I wanted to take the picture of the card before the sun goes down. I wasn’t sure of how long this post and the one before would take.

And for once, I have all of the names of the papers that I used. The background paper, the boards one is from 6 * 6 MME Dolled Up Paper pad. The dark brown paper is Botanico Dragonflies from Chatter Box. I painted the horse with watercolors.

Other than that, I honestly do not of what else to say. However I do welcome any and all comments and feel free to follow me if you like. Ok, that just sounded a little bit creepy.

So I hope everyone has a good weekend.

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Things With Wings

Operation Write Home had issue a challenge last Wednesday, about making a card that has wings. I thought this would be a perfect time to try out Stephanie Barnard Dragonfly die-cut and stamp from Sizzlex. I love her stamps and die cuts. I already have a shopping list of what I want to buy. The only thing that is stopping me is of course, money.

I also got to try out the new Cuttleblug embossing folder that I purchased about a month or so ago.

And I do admit that it gave me a break from sorting out my stamps, and trying to come up with a better way to store them. I originally thought that this would be an easy challenge. But it wasn’t. I ended up making six cards before deciding on these two and right now, I still have no idea of which one I am going to use.

I ended up using Sketch #174 from Operation Write Home, just as a starting point. Sketch #174


The dragonfly card is made from scraps so I don’t know the name of the paper. I am trying to use up all of my scraps because my pile is getting big and of course, like any scrapper or card maker, we don’t have the heart to toss them out.

However the die cut and stamp are from Stephanie Barnard, “Dragonflies”. It was a challenge to do a die cut first and then stamp. With my Spellbinders, I stamp then cut. I ended up doing the cut several times before getting it right. I realized then that I probably need a stamp press. I remembered when they first came out, I thought they were too big, what was the point. Boy, I was sure wrong on that. I might be putting that on my Christmas wish list. The embossing folder is Anna Griffin’s Poppy. As to the “Hi There,” I found it in my stamp box. It fell out of its sheet. So you see of one of m problems with the stamps, they are not sticky anymore.


The Fairy Card. I used Posies Glitter Print from DCWV company. The fairy stamp is from Inkadinkado, “Beautiful Fairies”. I really like the stamp and was happy that I can actually use them. I think it tells you of how many stamps I have if I don’t use every one of them. I was pleased of how the watercolor turned out. I used Anna Griffin’s Poppy embossing folder.

So this is my result. And before I end this, I have to ask, it is just me, but does this challenge give anyone cravings for chicken wings?

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Charts, Charts, and More Charts

Yesterday Sherri Stone left a comment in my last blog about listing her ink pads. It got me thinking, I know Tim Holtz has a chart available for his distress inks and paints which is great.

However I also have Colorblock ink and Memento Ink. I really didn’t want to use white out the names of the inks that I didn’t have and write in the colors that I do. I want to this neatly. So once again, I surfed the net and came across Kat’s Scrappy Bloggy Life.

Free Download Charts

She had all sorts of charts available for us card makers to use. I am not talking about inks, I am talking about glimmer mist, glitter, embossing powders and etc.

She also had pages for stamps, border stamps, and embossing folders. If I knew about this before I made my books, I would definitely be using them. Except my books are already made and honestly, I do not have time or even desire to redo them.

I have orders to complete and I am still looking for the two missing stamp sets. But I thought I should share this to you all.


Still Purging and Now Updating.

I am hoping that this will be the last post that I do using my friend’s laptop. I finally got the keyboard fixed, sort of. They are mailing me a new one which should be arriving any day. So since I have all of this downtime, I decide to continue with the purge and updating my scrapbook area.

I finally figured out of how to get the links working. Lady L, is a friend of mine who makes really pretty jewelry, so I added her link to her store and to her blog. You should check it out.

I also changed the header to one of my photographs. I am working on one for this blog, but so far, I am not pleased with the results that I am getting.

Meanwhile, I am still going through my scrapbooking stuff. I am finding that I didn’t know I have like chipboard flowers, and lettering. I also found stuff that I haven’t used in over 5 years, like foam sponges. I’m going to give to them to my boyfriend’s children. And now I am finding some room in my drawers which is actually quite nice. But the million dollar question is how long will it last?

As to the updating part, I used to teach scrapbooking and cardmaking for Spotted Canary School. It is a company from EK Success. One of the things that the company had showed me was to keep a punch book. It is basically a notebook where you glue your punches inside. The idea is when you go shopping for scrapbook or cardmaking supplies, you bring the book with you so you do not buy the exact same punch.

I tweaked my book a bit. I used a binder instead because it was easier to show to my students than a small scribbler.



I also added punch tricks, is what I like to call them. Basically what else you can do with your punches.


And finally I added embossing folders and spellbinder die cuts. I found it easier to see of what kind of dies or embossing folders in the book rather than searching in my drawers, making another mess.




During the time that I was making the book, I came up with the idea of making a stamp book. Again for the same reason, not to buy the same stamp, even though some stamps do retired. But for me personally, I find it easier to see of what kind of “Thank You” or food stamps I have.


And since I started this blog, I realized that I have to list of what the name of the stamp and the company they are from so I created a new section.


And to be perfectly honest, I am not understanding why I need to do this.

I’m still tackling of how to store them. I have plenty of ideas for the clear stamps, but as to the wooden one. Zip.

On a good note, I found someone who is interest in my scarves, I have to bring in my samples to show her. So cross your fingers.

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Now Something Completely Different

This has nothing to do with handmade cards, knitting, or crochet. As you know, I watched You Tube videos at night, before going to bed to drain my smart phone so I can have it fully charge in the morning. I came across the video and it made me smile. I have seen several versions of “Gangnam Style”, from the Simpsons, Angry Birds, the Chipmunks, and even Spiderman. But this in my opinion is probably the best one because it is not cut and paste. The Autobots and Decepticons actually doing the dance. It probably one of the most popular videos, reaching over 4 million hits. I am also praying to the computer gods that this link is working.

And I thought, I would share this because everyone needs to smile.

When it reached to 4 million viewers, Nsgmoov created this video.

I admit it is weird watching Megatron shaking his booty in this one. I don’t know of whether to laugh or not. However I am curious of what would happen if this video reaches the 5 millions hits.

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Well I Never . . .

I was 5 years old when my grandmother taught me of how to knit and crochet. Which was great, but all I could make at the time was scarves and little blankets for my dolls.

I didn’t really become serious about knitting and crocheting until 15 years ago when one of my best friends became pregnant with her first child. I had this brilliant idea of making her a blanket, and it wasn’t any type of blanket, it was one of those blankets that the baby would use from baby to adulthood.

My mother had to teach me of how to do granny squares again. That itself was interesting since she was right-handed and I was left-handed. That is why I crochet with my right hand. That was when it hit me that I didn’t know of how to read a pattern or what the abbreviations meant. Like for example:

(K2tog, YO) x 3, P3, sl st, K3

For the non-knitters, it means (Knit 2 stitches together, yarn over), do that step 3 times before Plural 3 stitches, slip stitch, Knit 3. And this is not from any pattern, this is entirely from the top of my head in case anyone was wondering of what pattern I was using.

My first assignment in the class was to find a pattern for beginner, something to bring to class to work on. I searched high and low on the internet for a pattern.

I wanted something small and practical. An afghan was out because of the size, a basic sweater was out because it involved measuring and sewing. I remembered finding a whole section on patterns for the bathroom and I don’t mean the washclothes. (Which I ended up choosing.)

I found patterns for toilet seats covers and covers for the toilet tops (is that what you call it?) It reminded me of one of my great aunt’s homes. Besides the fact the whole house smell, I remember seeing those toilet seat covers. I think my brother was even afraid of going in there, in case he accidentally pees on the cover. I swore up and down to myself, that I would never knit or crochet any of those things. I have enough patterns of afghans, sweaters, slippers, scarves, and toys that I can make in 3 lifetimes.

Well I kind of changed my mind. I just finished this toilet paper cover.


Jackie Bloom designed this octopus pattern. The link

Crazy Little OctopusCrazy Little Octopus

When I first saw it, I thought that this was cute. I admit that I had to tweak it a bit to fit my own toilet paper. Maybe Canada’s toilet paper is different, I don’t know. Either way, I thinks her is cute. I am planning to do 2 or 3 more, I’m just deciding on the color. I might have to googled octopus to see of what colors they are.

I’m still trying to fix my keyboard. I have a feeling that I might take it in tomorrow. Oh goody.