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The Dreaded Flu

I already had 2 entries planned out.  I wrote out the drafts and all I had to do was to take pictures and upload them.  But no. 

Last Friday, I was working on a dishcloth when my hand started cramping.  The last time, I had them while working on an order, I ignored the pain and just continued on.  When I was finish, I had severe pain in both of my hands where I could not hold a pen.

So learning my lesson, I decided to stop knitting, and just tidy up a bit.  Except I got sicker, and sicker.  I ended up going to bed early.

Have you seen the movie, “Aliens”, where the alien came out of the person?  That was how my stomach felt last Saturday, along with a pounding headache and aches and pains all over my body.  I was suppose to help my mother with her garage sale, but when she saw me, she told me to go lie down.  Smart woman.

Last Sunday, the “Alien baby” was gone, but I was still queasy, achy and had a pounding headache.  I suspected the headache was due to the caffeine withdraw. 

Today, almost a week later, I am finally better, almost.  I still feel weak and my stomach is still queasy. 

The two only good things that came out of this was that it is best that I am sick now than later.  If I got sick on my little holiday, there would be no little holiday for me.  Second, I was able to draft my mother in helping me with the dishcloth order.  This flu had got me so behind in the order that I fear that I may not beable to get 50 done before the end of this month.  I have a feeling that I am going to be bringing this on my little holiday.  Great.

Either way, I am hoping once this dreaded flu is gone, I can catch up on this blog.  I hope everyone else had a better and healthier weekend.

When Operation Write Home had this new sketch out with a challange of using digital stamps.

owh sketch canvas copy

I thought why not. I have been wanting to try them out. But I wasn’t sure if I could when my printer was still being wonky. And I was also concerns about the ink, would it run when I color it with watercolor or what about distress inks?  But I decided to try and hoped that it didn’t wreck my printer.  Actually my printer didn’t give me any grief which I was surprised.  I first tried it out on white cardstock just to see of how it looks and whether or not, it will stand to wet medium such as ink washes.  It does bled, unfortunately.  It was only hours later after I took these photos, I found out from Kristina Werner that you are suppose to heat set it.  Oh well.

Either way, I had to be careful.  I then printed out on thicker watercolor paper which I was relieved that it didn’t jammed up my printer.

This is the card that I have done from SAM_0890  .

The tree image was from http://rubberstamping.about.com/od/digitalstamps/ss/Swirl_Christmas_Tree-Digital-Stamp.htm  .    SAM_0891

I just simple colored it with watercolor pencils, lightly painted it and added some gems.  I’m happy with the results.

I also found these vintage floral stamps from http://freevintagedigistamps.blogspot.ca/ Vintage Digital Stamps . Ok somehow, this blog is only letting me post one link. I had to this the other way.


I like the watercolor effect from the pink flowers.        SAM_0893

As to the blue rose card, SAM_0971

I used the ink bleeding to my advantage. I just added painted it with a wet paintbrush and let the ink be the paint for the rose. Unfortunately, with the size of the rose, I couldn’t make it any smaller without blurring the details, so this card is 5 by 6 1/2 inches.  But I am still pleased with the results.


Other than that, I am trying to get all of my dishcloths done this, including a new order as well the ones for the big sale in November.  If I get them done this month, then all I have to worry about is the scarves and the last minutes cards.  Oh yeah, no sweat.

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Company Coming

I’m finding that is a great motivation for cleaning.  I’m going to have family coming over in less than 2 weeks and my place is a mess.  In my guest bedroom has things for the November sale piled on top of the bed.  So I have been busy tagging and packing them in plastic bins so come November, all I have to do is pack them in my car. 

Except my printer decide to act weird.  Weird as in I can typed out the care instructions, but when it comes to printing them out, it won’t do that.  I quit fighting with my printer when I was starting to get a headache.  A couple of hours later, when I came back to the computer, I turned it on and BOOM, my printer started printing out the instructions.  And of course, this morning, when I went to check my emails, it happened again.  Good grief.  I was able to cancel the print before I ended up 50 copies of the  instructions.  But at least now, I have motivation to make more slippers. 

This however is not the first time, that this happens to me.  And I can tell you that it is getting annoying.   I think my “Honey Do” list to my boyfriend is getting bigger.  I can already see him shaking his head at me for this.

Anyway, the other day, I received word from the place that sells my stuff, that I sold 17 dishcloths.  After my little happy dance, I realized that they were calling me that because they need me to replace them soon.  I did the calculations.  I need 30 dishcloths for the November Sale, plus 17 for the store, which equals to 47.  I might as well make 50 of them.  I also decide to do them all at once so in September, I can concentrated on the fuzzy scarves. 

I’m also suffering from a case of insomnia.  Yesterday, I was thinking of seeing a movie.  I tried to talk myself into renting a movie from my DVR (Digital Video Recording) device because it was cheaper than getting in my car, going to the theatre, paying for tickets and popcorn. 

Then I realized that I would be staring at the basket of cotton yarn for the dishcloths and a pile of cards where I have to put my company stamp, white paper inside the dark cards, and find the envelopes, during the movie. 

I ended up deciding just go out, take a day off.  Don’t worry about the orders, and company coming.  I even worked on my own blanket last night and it really felt nice.  But unfortunately my insomnia still stayed with me.  Oh goody.

Meanwhile, I hope everyone had a good weekend.