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I’m finding that is a great motivation for cleaning.  I’m going to have family coming over in less than 2 weeks and my place is a mess.  In my guest bedroom has things for the November sale piled on top of the bed.  So I have been busy tagging and packing them in plastic bins so come November, all I have to do is pack them in my car. 

Except my printer decide to act weird.  Weird as in I can typed out the care instructions, but when it comes to printing them out, it won’t do that.  I quit fighting with my printer when I was starting to get a headache.  A couple of hours later, when I came back to the computer, I turned it on and BOOM, my printer started printing out the instructions.  And of course, this morning, when I went to check my emails, it happened again.  Good grief.  I was able to cancel the print before I ended up 50 copies of the  instructions.  But at least now, I have motivation to make more slippers. 

This however is not the first time, that this happens to me.  And I can tell you that it is getting annoying.   I think my “Honey Do” list to my boyfriend is getting bigger.  I can already see him shaking his head at me for this.

Anyway, the other day, I received word from the place that sells my stuff, that I sold 17 dishcloths.  After my little happy dance, I realized that they were calling me that because they need me to replace them soon.  I did the calculations.  I need 30 dishcloths for the November Sale, plus 17 for the store, which equals to 47.  I might as well make 50 of them.  I also decide to do them all at once so in September, I can concentrated on the fuzzy scarves. 

I’m also suffering from a case of insomnia.  Yesterday, I was thinking of seeing a movie.  I tried to talk myself into renting a movie from my DVR (Digital Video Recording) device because it was cheaper than getting in my car, going to the theatre, paying for tickets and popcorn. 

Then I realized that I would be staring at the basket of cotton yarn for the dishcloths and a pile of cards where I have to put my company stamp, white paper inside the dark cards, and find the envelopes, during the movie. 

I ended up deciding just go out, take a day off.  Don’t worry about the orders, and company coming.  I even worked on my own blanket last night and it really felt nice.  But unfortunately my insomnia still stayed with me.  Oh goody.

Meanwhile, I hope everyone had a good weekend.

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I have an online business where I sell handmade items including cards, teddy bears, scarves and bags.

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