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Digital Stamps

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When Operation Write Home had this new sketch out with a challange of using digital stamps.

owh sketch canvas copy

I thought why not. I have been wanting to try them out. But I wasn’t sure if I could when my printer was still being wonky. And I was also concerns about the ink, would it run when I color it with watercolor or what about distress inks?  But I decided to try and hoped that it didn’t wreck my printer.  Actually my printer didn’t give me any grief which I was surprised.  I first tried it out on white cardstock just to see of how it looks and whether or not, it will stand to wet medium such as ink washes.  It does bled, unfortunately.  It was only hours later after I took these photos, I found out from Kristina Werner that you are suppose to heat set it.  Oh well.

Either way, I had to be careful.  I then printed out on thicker watercolor paper which I was relieved that it didn’t jammed up my printer.

This is the card that I have done from SAM_0890  .

The tree image was from http://rubberstamping.about.com/od/digitalstamps/ss/Swirl_Christmas_Tree-Digital-Stamp.htm  .    SAM_0891

I just simple colored it with watercolor pencils, lightly painted it and added some gems.  I’m happy with the results.

I also found these vintage floral stamps from http://freevintagedigistamps.blogspot.ca/ Vintage Digital Stamps . Ok somehow, this blog is only letting me post one link. I had to this the other way.


I like the watercolor effect from the pink flowers.        SAM_0893

As to the blue rose card, SAM_0971

I used the ink bleeding to my advantage. I just added painted it with a wet paintbrush and let the ink be the paint for the rose. Unfortunately, with the size of the rose, I couldn’t make it any smaller without blurring the details, so this card is 5 by 6 1/2 inches.  But I am still pleased with the results.


Other than that, I am trying to get all of my dishcloths done this, including a new order as well the ones for the big sale in November.  If I get them done this month, then all I have to worry about is the scarves and the last minutes cards.  Oh yeah, no sweat.

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I have an online business where I sell handmade items including cards, teddy bears, scarves and bags.

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