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This, That, And Everything Else in Between

Once again, I apologized for not updating my blog again. But once again, my keyboard died on me in less than 3 months from having it replaced. But this time, I didn’t drop my smart phone on it. I’m going to give it one more attempt in trying to fix it before I call the company. Which by the way, I threw out the number. I am sorely tempted to demand my money back on the keyboard, except the computer is in my boyfriend’s name. Already, I can feel a migraine coming.

I’m thinking of getting a wire keyboard. Granted wires will be hooking up to my computer and there is no doubt in my mind, that is going to be a royal pain, but surely it would be easier than it is right now. Right?

So once again, I am borrowing my friend’s laptop. I also had brain fart, I couldn’t remember my password for the longest time. As you can, I finally did. I think my age is starting to get to me. Great.

But I finally got all of my dishcloths done with the help of my mother. I’m definitely treating her for lunch. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to complete 50 dishcloths as planned, I was only to get 40 done. Time restrictions as the big part of it. I needed to work on the scarves and such. I already completed a scarf, minus weaving in the ends. However my mother said that if she has some free time from now until the day before the sale, she might be able to make more.

Here are the dishclothes that I completed. SAM_1007

My art journal fell apart on me. IMG409

Lady L suggested that I should tie a ribbon around it and start a new one. As tempting as it is, but I am planning to bring it with me on my little holiday. And I really do not have time to prep the pages. However I was tempted to throw out the small section of the journal because as I continue to work on the journal, decorating more pages, the journal expands, making it more difficult to close. Except in the small section of the journal, I already have a page complete. I really didn’t want to redo the page again.

I know at Simon Say Stamp, they sell art journals, those SMASH Books, and Dylusions journals. I can tell you right now, the SMASH books are a sore subject for me. And the Dylusion journals, they do look nice, but either way, I can’t order anything online right now.

Right now, I got the pages duct tape together


and gluing a piece of drawing paper on top.


I apologized for the quality of the picture, it was taken on my smart phone because my camera was charging at the time and I really didn’t want to wait. So right now, I am hoping that they would hold.

Except I found out that I wrecked some of my pages. I was told if you use car wax between the pages, they won’t stick together. It didn’t work. In fact, it faded my horse’s page where I had to rewrite the quote, it really wreck my One Stroke flower page and royalty screw up my circle page where I have to redo the page again.

So Art Journal Lesson: Car wax DOES NOT work at all.

I also been sorting out my papers like sketches, patterns, and misc notes. Where I learned a valuable lesson. When you get an idea for an upcoming card, write DETAIL notes. I found little lists of stamps with titles of “Masking” and “Embossing”. Which is fine and dandy, but what was the card design?

Awhile back ago, I read on facebook on knitting projects. Which also goes very well in crochet. Go through your WIP (Work in Progress) pile. Figure out which ones that I am going to do and figure out which ones that I honestly do not see myself completing. And then ripped them out. I know it is going to be heart breaking and hard, but I thinking seeing that pile smaller might take away some of my stress.

And I have no idea of when is my holiday is. I’m hoping soon. I’m going to text my boyfriend to see if he has any idea. His idea of packing is throwing everything in a bag and hop on his bag. My way of packing is obviously different. Maybe it is a girl’s thing, but I like to have things that matches. But I also know that I am going to have some time on my own, so besides my art journal, I trying to figure out if I should bring a knitting/ crochet project with me and if so, which one. Since my boyfriend is a smoker, obviously, it cannot be for Original Things.

I have been working on 2 blankets at once. (Technically, I am working 8 blankets at once). But these 2 are basically the same pattern. Little squares knitted either in garter stitch or in small idiot style squares. Then sew them together like a patchwork blanket. It is also a great way to get rid of my oddball stash.

I think I have updated of what is going on and I hope that I didn’t bore you to death.

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I alpologized for not blogging. This flu had really knocked me out, causing me to go overtime in the dishcloth order. But at last, they are done and I will be doing the delievery tomorrow. Thank goodness, I was really tired of these dishclothes. I want to start working on those scarves. I will be posting a pictures of them later.

As well as I was amazed that I got these totebags done. Techinically they were done days earlier, but it takes three days to dry completely enough so I can wash them.

This month, I am planning to see my boyfriend who is still dealing with family business, but it has gotten better enough for me to spend some time for him. I may be meeting one of his children so of course, I went a tad overboard in gifts. I decorated these small totebags for them.




The paper on the bags is covering up their names. I do not post pictures of children online without their parent’s permission. Some of the parents I know, do not wish for me to do which I respect. While other, they are ok, as long I don’t give out the location or their real names. I admitted that I am paranoid when it comes to this.

I originally thought of painting Winnie the Pooh, but time was not on my side. Not to mention, I am not sure if they like Winnie the Pooh, they might prefer Elmo or Barbie. It also been awhile since I painted and honestly, I do miss it. However I knew I needed to practise before acting painting on the bags. So I decided to try out One Stroke Painting in my art journal. Wrecking a page is better than wrecking a bag.


Where I learned that fabric paint is different than regular acrylic paint. Different as in it is more glossy. Which is nice, but it gives off a sticky feeling on the pages where it will stick together. I had to rub my anti-static pad on the pages to get rid of the stickiness. But unfortunately, now the pages has this grayish film on it which if I wiped it off, I get the sticky feel again. Good grief.

Either way, I am quite pleased with the results and really hoping that his children will like them. I’m also hoping that they like the colors of the bags. I have no idea if they like yellow or hate yellow for example. I know, I worry too much. But good grief, I am dating their daddy so no pressure.



I found a few more small totebags which I am thinking of painting them as well for the sale in November. It doesn’t take long in painting, just the drying.

So with less than 2 months before the sale and subtract the two weeks of me not working on the stuff, it doesn’t give me much time. I’m already starting to feel the crunch. The two weeks are a guess. Besides seeing my boyfriend, I am going to visit some family which I am not planning to bring any work for Original Things. For one thing, my boyfriend smokes and second, it is vacation. But I will probably bring something to work while watching tv for example. I honestly cannot sit still in front of the tv. I have to do something whether it is knitting or sketching.

I just have to finish the photo albums, make at least 5 ruffles scarves, a bunch of scrubbies, see if that potholder works and if so, make about 5, and some hats. As well as a few more cards. I think I am going to need a vacation after this sale.