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I alpologized for not blogging. This flu had really knocked me out, causing me to go overtime in the dishcloth order. But at last, they are done and I will be doing the delievery tomorrow. Thank goodness, I was really tired of these dishclothes. I want to start working on those scarves. I will be posting a pictures of them later.

As well as I was amazed that I got these totebags done. Techinically they were done days earlier, but it takes three days to dry completely enough so I can wash them.

This month, I am planning to see my boyfriend who is still dealing with family business, but it has gotten better enough for me to spend some time for him. I may be meeting one of his children so of course, I went a tad overboard in gifts. I decorated these small totebags for them.




The paper on the bags is covering up their names. I do not post pictures of children online without their parent’s permission. Some of the parents I know, do not wish for me to do which I respect. While other, they are ok, as long I don’t give out the location or their real names. I admitted that I am paranoid when it comes to this.

I originally thought of painting Winnie the Pooh, but time was not on my side. Not to mention, I am not sure if they like Winnie the Pooh, they might prefer Elmo or Barbie. It also been awhile since I painted and honestly, I do miss it. However I knew I needed to practise before acting painting on the bags. So I decided to try out One Stroke Painting in my art journal. Wrecking a page is better than wrecking a bag.


Where I learned that fabric paint is different than regular acrylic paint. Different as in it is more glossy. Which is nice, but it gives off a sticky feeling on the pages where it will stick together. I had to rub my anti-static pad on the pages to get rid of the stickiness. But unfortunately, now the pages has this grayish film on it which if I wiped it off, I get the sticky feel again. Good grief.

Either way, I am quite pleased with the results and really hoping that his children will like them. I’m also hoping that they like the colors of the bags. I have no idea if they like yellow or hate yellow for example. I know, I worry too much. But good grief, I am dating their daddy so no pressure.



I found a few more small totebags which I am thinking of painting them as well for the sale in November. It doesn’t take long in painting, just the drying.

So with less than 2 months before the sale and subtract the two weeks of me not working on the stuff, it doesn’t give me much time. I’m already starting to feel the crunch. The two weeks are a guess. Besides seeing my boyfriend, I am going to visit some family which I am not planning to bring any work for Original Things. For one thing, my boyfriend smokes and second, it is vacation. But I will probably bring something to work while watching tv for example. I honestly cannot sit still in front of the tv. I have to do something whether it is knitting or sketching.

I just have to finish the photo albums, make at least 5 ruffles scarves, a bunch of scrubbies, see if that potholder works and if so, make about 5, and some hats. As well as a few more cards. I think I am going to need a vacation after this sale.

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I have an online business where I sell handmade items including cards, teddy bears, scarves and bags.

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