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For almost two weeks, I have been racking my brains of what kind of cards that a four year old girl would like to make with me.  The trick is that I am not going to beable to bring my Cricut, or Cuttlebug with me.  And if I run out of supplies, I am in deep trouble.  It is not going to like before where I used to worked at a store so if I ran out of something, I can pick up more from their shelves.  Did I also mentioned that she also happens to be one of my boyfriend’s children, whom I never meet.  So yes, I am adding more pressure to myself.

I came up with these two cards.  SAM_1080


The mummy card is a classic, but holy cow, it took me two nights to inked the stripes.  I am really hoping that I have enough strips.  The white paper is actually computer paper.  The reason that I choose that is that I have learned when children makes cards, they love to make layers upon layers, upon layers.  And if she wants to mail this card to grandma for example, I want her to beable to do that.  Not having daddy to pay it as a small parcel.  I made extra cards in case, her friends want to make one or she wants to make two.


The handprint card, I got that idea from Handprint Card



 But instead of using paint, I am planning to use ink. Unfortunately, this ink is not good as Memento ink. However this ink is washable and non-toxic. 



The only concern that I have with this card that her hand may be too big.  It barely fit my hand.  However this the one that I am hoping that she will make more than one card.  I hope she will make one for her dad because I am thinking that this will be great framed.  But I am trying to figure out of how to fit daddy’s hand inside the card unless we do it landscape. 

Well that is the good news.  I have a huge sale in Bentley, Alberta in November, so yes, I am busy getting the last minute stuff done.  I might have to push the trip back until after the sale.  And if so, the Mummy card will not be any good.  And it took me ages to figure out this handprint card.  I have thought of stamping images on cardstock and she can color it.  But then what kind of pattern paper that I can use as well it needs to be unisex in case, daddy wants to make one.  And honestly,  I can see him cringing on making a pink and fu fu card. 

All I have to do for the sale is make more Christmas cards, owl cards, knit more scrubbies, a couple of small bears that are blue, greens, colors that boys will like.  I also want to paint small tote bags.  The bags don’t take long to do, but it takes at least three days to dry.

But I also know that  I am one of those people that have a million bears made, a billion cards made and such, I will still be thinking that I don’t have enough. 

Author: lesleysoriginalthings

I have an online business where I sell handmade items including cards, teddy bears, scarves and bags.

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