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Artist Trading Cards . . . Yes or No

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My arm is still giving me grief. In fact, while typing this blog out at this very moment is making my arm even worst. So forgive me for this being short and the possible mistakes.

So for the past couple of nights, my evenings have been free. I can still sketch out ideas for my art journals or cards, and I have been busy tagging and packing stuff up for the sale. But I cannot work on the hats which is really stressing me out now. But I do find the irony because I had to postphone my holiday until after the sale because I needed the time to work on my stuff and now I cannot, I could have taken my trip. Go figure.

So my mind has been wandering during this “free time”. I have been toying with the idea of making Artist Trading Cards (ATC) for this show.

Here is a sample by Maria Adams, from the “Browns” series.


ATC are basically business cards for artists. They are the same size as a business card and you do have your contact information on one side. The other side is where you decorate the card any way you like. You then trade them with fellow crafters, and you do not sell them.

I have been thinking of about making 12 to 20 cards and give them away during the sale. A great way to use up all of my scrap paper and get notice.

But as you may recall, I don’t make cards at night because of the lightening.

I think I need to get a new lamp.

Yesterday, I went to the local mall to pick up some more labels.  While I was there, the mall was hosting a craft fair.  Obviously it was too late for me to enter, but I am thinking of what about next year?  Could I get in there?  I’mt trying to find the paperwork at their website, but no such luck.  I’ll try again, but I am thinking a more direct approach is needed.

However if I can get into that one, I think it will be good for Original Things.

Keeping my fingers cross.

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I have an online business where I sell handmade items including cards, teddy bears, scarves and bags.

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