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After the Sale

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Yesterday was the big sale.  And once again, this post is going to be short because of my wrist.  It was getting better, but the other night, when I cleared the table, I carried a platter with my right hand and I’m guessing the weight of it, might have aggravated it even more.  Oh goody.

IMG445                       IMG446


Here is me at my sale.  My mother was there to help and she was the one who took the pictures.  I alpologized the quality of the photos, because I used my smart phone.  At the moment, my camera is misplaced.  Some people might argued that it is not misplaced, it is lost.

The funny thing about the sale was if you notice the card display in one of the photos, these had my best cards.  For the past three years no one would pick any of these cards, they would always choose the cards from the boxes.  Until yesterday, I pointed to a customer who was looking for a birthday card, the little birthday card that was on display and she asked me if these cards were on sale.  I think everyone was thinking that these cards were only for display.  Strange.

Unfortunately, I didn’t make much for this sale, I did make enough to pay for the tables, but I kind of blew it on the fudge and this purse.

IMG449  At least, I didn’t buy any yarn.

As well, halfway through, there was a huge blizzard.  Normally it would take me about 30 to 40 minutes to get home from Bentley, but it took me almost a hour because the roads were bad.

I have another sale this Thursday, which I am hoping the weather will be better.  But the other two things that I am concern about it that I am going to get one table and I am wondering of how I am going to set this one up.  I’m not bringing the card display.  But I guess, there is nothing to do about until I get there.  The  second thing, normally, I would work on dishcloths to pass the time, but with my wrist being the way it is, I’m doubting it.  I thinking of maybe working on my ATC there.  Just get them set up and bring my watercolor pencils and brushes to work on.  If this keeps up, I might have to make an appointment with my doctor, but I have a feeling that he will say, that I overdid it in knitting.

Meanwhile, I finished my first set of mail art.

IMG438         I used my stamps and dies to cut out the ornaments and threw in a couple of Christmas chipboards.

IMG437   I made a few extra owls from my owl punch and threw in a couple of tree and leaves die cuts.  I also got these bags for a dollar so I thought why not.  That is when I found out a little girl loves Minnie Mouse.  I’m thinking of doing mail art for her and for her brother as soon as I can get more bags.

IMG433  I used Secret Garden stamp and dies and cut several patterns paper to fit the enevolope.

IMG432  This is pretty much simple.  Just heart punches and Disney Princess bag.

All I need now is the address. But I am also waiting until I get my ATCs done to include in the mail art.  I think I have completed my first set minus the information.

IMG451   IMG450

I managed to save the ones that I were working which I royally screw up the sizing.  I stamped the sunflowers on the correct size of cardstock and color it, trying to get it close as I possibly can.  And then cut up the smaller ones and layered it, using the Triple Layer Technique.

I’m trying the technique again using a different stamp.   As well I came up with a few sketches for more ATCs which I also hope they work.

My wrist is starting to hurt again so  I am going to end this.  I hope everyone had a good weekend.

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