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I thought that since I am out of commission for new work, I would show you this tip.  About two years ago, I started selling these photo albums.  For the first sale, I didn’t sell any.  I was also in a time crunch of getting them done that I didn’t have time to make a sample album.  Last November of 2012, I made the sample album where I had a few people interested in it.  And I think I sold one.


SAM_0864  The problem was the way the album was designed, I had this ugly edge which drove me nuts.  I couldn’t figure out of how to fix it.  I thought of using waschi tape, which would have worked if it matched the paper.  Except most of my pattern papers does not match the tape and I wasn’t going to start buying more tape.

But You- Tube solved my little problem.  This time, I am hoping that I get this link right this time.  It is called “Quick and Easy Journal” by Laura Tiffany.

When I first saw, it was the Eureka moment for me.  So I tried it and it works.  Here are some of the new albums that I am seeing for the upcoming sale.
And a closer view of one of them.

SAM_1162        SAM_1164

I did go to the doctor about my arm and he said that it is inflamed and I need to keep it immobile.  So in other words, be patience.

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I have an online business where I sell handmade items including cards, teddy bears, scarves and bags.

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