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Merry Christmas

I apologized for not writing here.  I have been so busy with orders and making personal cards for Christmas.As well as my boyfriend has been back in town for a few days.  He is still dealing with personal family matters, but he was able to take a break and come down.  It was nice to see him again.  And his daughters loved the bags.

I’m hoping that I can show you all of the orders that I had received.  But with Christmas being less than a few more hours, I have to wait for a few more days.  I really do not wish to ruin the surprise for some people.  However I can show you this. SAM_1069

I made this for one of my friends who lives in Australia and they are a day ahead of us, Canadians.  I made this album including the pictures of her family.  She absolutely love it which I am happy.  The album was easy to do, the hard part of choosing which picture to use and the correct age of her children.  They grow up so fast.  However I realized the more and more I added pages, the thicker and thicker the album has become.  I had to keep that in mind for mailing it.



My arm is better, but I am still taking it easy.  I am concern of reinjuring it again.  In fact, writing the draft out on paper, my left harm is starting to strained.  Oh goody.  So I have been working on my art journal, mail art and ATCs in the meantime.  With the heavy snowfall in Canada, I got inspired to do this page.  SAM_1297  I think I went overboard with the glitter again.

I also made a page of my first mail art that I received.  SAM_1412  That definitely made my day that day.

I have worked on the journal again where I can safely say that I am almost done. SAM_1322  Look of how thick it has become.  In fact, the last few pages, the album has become uneven.  I mean I cannot work on a two page spread anymore.  So I started on another journal, two more in fact.

Funny little story.  Since I still suffering from insomnia, I am still watching You Tube Videos.  Where I have been practising image transfers.  Besides using clear packing tape method, I was introduced to gesso transfer.  Which has become a hit and a miss.  I’m thinking it is due to the fact that I do not have a laser printer, only a ink jet printer which does make a difference.

SAM_1369   These are from magazines.

SAM_1367   I tried this on envelopes.

SAM_1363 I added a thin red glaze of paint over this.

Basically you spread a thick layer of gesso over the paper, thick as peanut butter spread.  Then you press an image onto the gesso and wait until the piece is complete dry, before rubbing it with the water.  I used my photos and instead of printing out 3 or 4 images, I printed about 20 of them.  As well as instead of just trying them out on ATCs or envelopes.  I also try them on my journal page and the cover of my journal.

SAM_1360  SAM_1362

I then found out that the decoupage glue works as well. But I have to take care of how of the image turns out.  The image was always reverse so I have to be careful with the writing.  So if I do the image with the word, “LOVE”, it will turn out as “EVOL”.

What was different between the medium was that I used my bone folder to press down the image on the paper.  I only use it with the decoupage glue.  So I do not know if it was the medium or the bone folder. I’m just happy that my new journal turned out nice or else I will be in deep trouble.


I also been watching You-Tube on book binding, which I am finding it fantasizing.  So fantasizing that I cannot find the picture of the first book I made.  My idea is that once I get the hang of this, I want to make my art journal using watercolor paper.  However I want to practised before making the art journal.  Which is a good idea, but then I have that question in my head.  What the heck am I going to do with the books that I make?  They are not good enough to be given away or have Original Things to sell.  However it does get me thinking of what if I make a couple of REALLY good journals to sell?  How many pages should  I put in there?  Should I pre-decorated the pages as in rubbing distress ink on them or stamping a border on them?

So with Christmas coming, I kind of misplace the tags so I whipped up a few which I was very impressed of how they turned out.

SAM_1418 SAM_1417 SAM_1414  I should start misplacing my tags more often.

So with the knitting that I have been doing, I started on another project. I have left over balls of color changing yarn like Bernat mosaic and Lionbrand Amazing yarn.  The ball is too small for a scarf or a hat so I have been making them into miltered squares.  I’m thinking if I make enough, I might have a nice blanket.  I know that I have a long way to go, but at least, I am using up the leftover yarn.


Speaking of “Using up the Yarn”.  I finally decided on my 2014 New Year’s Resolution.  I worked out on my big “What to Knit/Crochet” list.  I have over 600 things that I want to try.  However over 200 is intarsia charts and there are over 80 dishcloths patterns.  I’m thinking that this could be my New Year’s Resolution.  Complete a 100 things from the list.  I was thinking of using 100 balls of yarn, but I realized that it wouldn’t mean much, considering that I still be buying more yarn.  That is not exactly productive.

I’m wondering if I can post this list on the blog, like I have done with the Cloud Tutorial Page.  But to be perfectly honest, I have no idea of how the heck I made that into a page.  It was suppose to be a blog post.

Well I talked your ear off.  But before I go.  I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas.