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What Have I Been Up To.

The moving date is still up in the air due to the cabinets in the kitchen being redone.  Even though, I could put a rush job on them, but the quality will not be good.  So I’m waiting and right now, I have patience of a yak. And no, I do not know of how patience yaks are, I just like the saying.

Because of the wait, I cannot do any mail art, which is frustrating.  However I cannot see any reason to make the mail art so it will be ready to mail.  Except I have no idea of what it is going to be.  I am leaning towards the books that I have been making.  And if so, what size?  I need to start looking for more ideas and more people to send this.  Hopefully one in Canada.

Meanwhile, I thought that I would show you of what I have been doing to pass the time.  I wish I can tell you that I am one kind of project kind of gal or even two.  Cardmaking during the day and knitting/ crochet at night.  Right? No, I’m not.

During the day, I have been going through a pile of papers that I somehow collected.  They are patterns, sketches, and leftover scrapbooking supplies. I have a feeling with all of the papers, I might have destroyed an acre of the rainforest.  But I do recycle them after I am done.  I have been thinking of investing in a tablet, but with the wireless internet, I know that I am going to be distract.  That is one of the reasons of why I prefer pen and paper.

And once again, I realized that I have more than enough scrapbook supplies. I should not be buying any more except for glue.  Which oddly enough, I am running low on them again.  But that may change because I received a card order from one of my long  time (not too long) customer.  Which is good.  But how low long is the big question.  It also goes the same with yarn.

I have been working on my art journal, the one with the backgrounds.  With the leftover paint, I have been using on the other journal.  Waste not, want not.

20140127_140134[1]  I have no idea of where this is going, but until I get the other journal done, I might as well keep going.

However it gave me an idea for one of the pages of the background pages.

20140127_135835[1]  After I gesso the page, I took some paint and smeared it with a palette knife.  But I think I screwed it up.  I should have gone darker to lighter colors instead of lighter to darker.  And I should have used 3 colors.  I am planning to add a thin layer of white gesso in hopes to dull down the color a bit.

I am still working on tags with handmade ink sprays.

20140127_133619[1] I hit the jackpot when I found rubbing alcohol ink in their own spray bottles at the dollar store.  Save me a few dollars of buying a couple of spray bottles.  However, I’m not liking the quality compare to my earlier sprays that I made.  Granted, I used Perfect Pearl in that mix.  The new sprays have no perfect pearl because I have a feeling that it will clog up.  I think I need to go back to the bulletin board.  And I still ALOT of more tags to cut.

As to knitting/crochet, I have been making miltered squares.  Mainly because I just wanted to used up that ball of yarn.  I kept tripping over it.


I do not if you noticed, but I have already cross off 4 things off the 2014 New Years Resolution.  Technically I have been making more things, but apparently it is not on the list.


I have been working on a dragon for the same customer. It is going slow, too slow.  I need to light a fire under my butt for that one.


I started on a big bear with Paton Metallic yarn.


I also started on a rabbit using my small balls of yarn that I cannot throw out.


I also been working on “Easy Big Red One”. And yes, I know it is not red and I had to tweak the pattern a big, but I am using nylon string.


I don’t know if it is the stress, I am dealing with or this move.  My mind feels like it is scatter.  Like the dragon should have been done by now.  I should be working on November sale and my etsy shop.

However I am getting excited and looking up ideas for my craft room.  Except the last time, I reorganized my craft space, it took me over 6 months of trial and errors before I got it working right.

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I have been avoiding it for a while, knowing full well, it will cause a great distraction and it will increase my “2014 New Years Resolution”. And I was right.  I have at least 4 more blankets that I want to try.  A couple of intarsia charts which oddly enough, two of them are from the quilt blankets.  My 600 some items may end up to 800 if I am not careful. However I found a few ideas of cheap, but good ideas of storage for the new house.  But these are think that I would never thing of.  Which by the way, I still do not know the moving date which is driving me nuts.

I also been looking at ideas of what to do for the sale in November.  Mainly for my cards.  I found a few pictures and ideas for display, but they are either too big or too expensive.  And yes, I know it is January, but if I need to build it or order it, it is going to take time which I do not wish to rush. But I have found 6 ideas that I can do.

  1. Since I made gift tags over the Christmas holidays which I received great response, why not make them for the sale?  I can use up all of the paper scraps.  They may not be the ones I made earlier, since I have to put care instruction and price.  But it may make an impression on them.
  2. Use mini chalkboard as prices.  Granted, it will probably be for the cards, dishcloths, tags and albums, since my scraves and my animals are priced differently.
  3. Make a ton of ATCs and have a little box with a little sign, “Take One.”
  4. Use a metal slinky and insert my business cards.       
  5. Place smaller items in fishbowls together.  I’m thinking gift tags.  But I am a wee bit nervous of using glass.  I have broken glass through the mail and transport.
  6. Have an album of your past orders like the bears I have done for Christmas, and the album I made for Australia.

I fear that I have a lot of more research to do.  I need something different for my cards. So far, nothing.  I also might think of how to display my hats.  The mannequins head would be great, but shipping cost, cost more than the item.


Journaling Bug

It seems like I caught the bug and I do not mean the flu bug.

I am happy that  I can finally show you this.  I took book binding a step further and created this.


I used watercolor paper where I used Distress Ink as its background.  I have to admit that it was alot of fun to do.  I also painted the cardboard white and used duct tape on one side to reforced the holes before covering the whole thing in tissue paper which was also colored with Distress Inks as well. I also had to glue the book pages on its fold because in my earlier attempt, I torn the pages while sewing it together.


I gave this book to Lady L which was suppose to be over the holidays, but as you can guess, this was the one that I had a postage mishap.  Quite honestly, I am happy that it arrived safely.  I had a history of lost parcels or having them confisicated.  (I tried to send pasta shaped like maple leaves to Australia which customs confisicated it because it was against food regulation.)  And I have to admit that I am quite curious of what she is going to do with this.

I ended making two more of these books.

SAM_1467  They still need to have labels, but until I can think of what they can be, I am leaving them blank.

SAM_1436  The smaller book has cardstock as its pages.

SAM_1443 While this one has watercolor paper as its pages.

I might be using the smaller book as mail art.  I’m not sure yet.  However the irony of this mail art is that I received some today.  Unfortunately. I am going to have to wait until after the move until I can do anymore mail art and my ATCs.

Which by the way, the moving date is still up in the air due to paperwork.  So right now, I am working on projects and doing some onlie research on displays for the sale in November.  So yes, this whole move thing is driving me crazy.  I packed all of the stuff that I do not need at the moment and started cleaning.  However I worked better if I have a deadline.  Maybe it is the motivation or I am so used to having deadlines.

But I digress, with the 3 books I made, I have 7 art journal altogether. If you checked my earlier posts, I had already posted about two of the journals.


I’m trying an experiment of making an art journal where the background is already done.  It is a slow progress due the paint drying and coming up with ideas.

SAM_1451 SAM_1450 SAM_1448

However this had inspired me to do a junk journal.  Except when I found out that you need to use an old book, a part of me cringed at the thought of cutting up the first editions of “Alice in Wonderland” or “Tale of Two Cities.”  I brought this old Sherlock Holmes book at a thift store which was published in the 80s, I think.  So I felt alittle better.

Except I’m not happy of how the results.  I know you are supposed to use junk mail, except nowadays, with everything you can get online in cluding junkmail.  The only junk mail I recieved is made from newsprint.  Where I fear the ink will rub off onto other pages.

The reason that I am not happy is that these pages are narrower than the book.

SAM_1462 SAM_1459

I’m sorely tempted to make another book with these pages.  But again, I am holding off until after the move.  Or that is the plan, but lately, it has been changing.

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A Tutorial about Storing Ribbons

I thought I show you of how I stored my ribbons. Which itself is odd considering that I am going to be moving in a few weeks and I may have to change it. Anyway, I thought what the heck. I know that there are a few scrapbookers would store their ribbons on curtain rods or even installed rods on their walls.  Which itself is a good idea.  But first of all, I am petite, I cannot reach on top of my curtains without using a ladder.  Second at this moment, I do not own the house that I am currently living in therefore, I am not allowed to drilled holes into the walls.

I found this tutorial online and for the love of goatcheese and sour pickles, I cannot find it again to show youBut what this person had done with her ribbons was absolutely brilliant.  This is how she stored the ribbons.

SAM_0361  As you can see, it fits perfectly in a plastic tote.

SAM_0387 Which fitted nicely in my drawer with a small plastic bin for scraps of ribbons that I do not have the heart to throw away.

What you do is take cardboard.  Which can be back of scrapbook pads of paper, cereal boxes or whatever you can find.  As long it is clean, clean as no oil stains.  I can’t tell you what size to cut it down because every plastic container is different.  In my case, I used cardstock paper that I knew that I would never use.  I alpologized for the neon color, but I didn’t realized it was so bright when I saw the pictures.  In this case, I glue several pieces together to make it more sturdier.

SAM_0383  I then wrapped it up using brown wrapping paper, the one you use for parcels.  There is a reason of why you need to wrap the cardboard which I will get to.  Now the reason that I used the brown paper is because the color is neutral.  You can use wrapping paper, but I caution you because if you wrapped ribbon again Dora the Explorer wrapping paper, the colors may clash and your eyes will probably go wonky.  Not to mention, I do not know if the colors from the wrapping may bleed into the ribbon.   So instead of a white ribbon, you might have a tie dye ribbon which is cool itself, but if you need a white ribbon for a card or a scrapbook page, you are kind of in trouble.

SAM_0385  I then wrapped the ribbon around the rectangles.  I taped the end of the ribbons the paper first before winding it around to make it more secure.  You do not hurt the ribbon.  This is where you need to use the paper, because after it is wrapped, you stick pins into the rectangles to secured.   The pins go through the brown paper.   However in some cases like the twine string, I had to use tape, because it was too fine or too stiff for a pin to go through.

SAM_0375  As you can see, I was able to wrapped many ribbons on one rectangle.

SAM_0369  In the beginning, I tried to keep it in the colors together on one rectangle, but as time gone by, I used up the ribbons and replaced it with the new.  It basically took me an afternoon to wrapped the paper and wrapped the ribbons.  And I did have a few empty ones in case of shopping spree.

Which has worked wonderfully for me in the past, in fact, I may keep it the way it is when I get into my new place.

Anyway, I hope everyone had a good weekend.

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Happy New Year

First of all, I want to wish everyone had Happy New Year.

So it is a brand new year.  I already posted my list and started on a tote bad which is on the list.  Number #2, “Big Easy Red Bag”.  But I am also going to be dedicating a week to clean and organized my  space.  Which is  ironic because in a few weeks I may be moving.  However my couch is buried underneath some yarn and paper and I would like to find it again.

As promised, here is one of my orders for Christmas.  I am going to assumed that the person already received it.  I honestly do not know.

bear   This has to be one of my favourite bears that I created.  To be completely honest, I am sorely tempted to email the guy who ordered it in asking him if the person who received it likes it or not.  But that may be a little creepy.

The second order, I know the person has not received it because of a postage mishap.  So I want to wait a few more days.  Better safe than sorry.

Other than nothing else has been happening.  I have been slowing things down and enjoy the holidays, but right now, I am kind of getting anxious making cards again.  I already got an order which is nice.  And I am sorry for this being short and boring.  But honestly I don’t know of what else to tell you.