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Journaling Bug


It seems like I caught the bug and I do not mean the flu bug.

I am happy that  I can finally show you this.  I took book binding a step further and created this.


I used watercolor paper where I used Distress Ink as its background.  I have to admit that it was alot of fun to do.  I also painted the cardboard white and used duct tape on one side to reforced the holes before covering the whole thing in tissue paper which was also colored with Distress Inks as well. I also had to glue the book pages on its fold because in my earlier attempt, I torn the pages while sewing it together.


I gave this book to Lady L which was suppose to be over the holidays, but as you can guess, this was the one that I had a postage mishap.  Quite honestly, I am happy that it arrived safely.  I had a history of lost parcels or having them confisicated.  (I tried to send pasta shaped like maple leaves to Australia which customs confisicated it because it was against food regulation.)  And I have to admit that I am quite curious of what she is going to do with this.

I ended making two more of these books.

SAM_1467  They still need to have labels, but until I can think of what they can be, I am leaving them blank.

SAM_1436  The smaller book has cardstock as its pages.

SAM_1443 While this one has watercolor paper as its pages.

I might be using the smaller book as mail art.  I’m not sure yet.  However the irony of this mail art is that I received some today.  Unfortunately. I am going to have to wait until after the move until I can do anymore mail art and my ATCs.

Which by the way, the moving date is still up in the air due to paperwork.  So right now, I am working on projects and doing some onlie research on displays for the sale in November.  So yes, this whole move thing is driving me crazy.  I packed all of the stuff that I do not need at the moment and started cleaning.  However I worked better if I have a deadline.  Maybe it is the motivation or I am so used to having deadlines.

But I digress, with the 3 books I made, I have 7 art journal altogether. If you checked my earlier posts, I had already posted about two of the journals.


I’m trying an experiment of making an art journal where the background is already done.  It is a slow progress due the paint drying and coming up with ideas.

SAM_1451 SAM_1450 SAM_1448

However this had inspired me to do a junk journal.  Except when I found out that you need to use an old book, a part of me cringed at the thought of cutting up the first editions of “Alice in Wonderland” or “Tale of Two Cities.”  I brought this old Sherlock Holmes book at a thift store which was published in the 80s, I think.  So I felt alittle better.

Except I’m not happy of how the results.  I know you are supposed to use junk mail, except nowadays, with everything you can get online in cluding junkmail.  The only junk mail I recieved is made from newsprint.  Where I fear the ink will rub off onto other pages.

The reason that I am not happy is that these pages are narrower than the book.

SAM_1462 SAM_1459

I’m sorely tempted to make another book with these pages.  But again, I am holding off until after the move.  Or that is the plan, but lately, it has been changing.

Author: lesleysoriginalthings

I have an online business where I sell handmade items including cards, teddy bears, scarves and bags.

2 thoughts on “Journaling Bug

  1. I totally understand “getting the bug”. I have it too! Thank you for reposting my blog, that’s awesome! I know how you are feeling about your junk journals pages being different sizes. If you are like me, relatively new to art, you still see things through “conventional” eyes. As artists we really have to let ourselves do things that are out of the box. Please check my blog posts Remember December and An Art What??? because these posts both have pictures of some junk journals I’ve made. I now love to make junk journals, as a matter of fact I sell them, and having pockets and pages of different sizes and envelopes and bits of scrap are what makes them junk journals. I rarely use junk mail and if I do it’s usually an envelope. Some of the other things I use in my junk journals are greeting cards, old ledger paper, printed cardstock and papers I’m tired of, corrugated cardboard, cut up file folders, calendar pictures, pieces of vellum, old atlas pages, old book pages, game cards (like old maid, monopoly), old planner pages, etc. The list is only limited by our imaginations. I hope you have some time to let go this weekend and make an “unconventional” junk journal!!!

    • Hello, thank you for your kind words. I first apologized for not getting back to you sooner. I’m busy working on an Easter order. I did check out your blog and was quite impressed by it. Especially the gallery. I’m still trying to figure out of how to set up my gallery. To be honest, I do not know of how I “reposted” your blog. Recently I found out that someone had reposted my blog. Good grief, I’m still trying to figure out my smart phone.

      However the place where I sell my other things including my cards, hand knitted dishcloths and crochet animals and blankets, saw them and wanted to sell them for me. Except the stitching on some of the journals were not secured. I fear that they may fall apart. But I guess the saying goes, “Practise makes perfect.”

      I hope you and your family have a good family.

      I ended up changing my junk journal. I bounded the pages by using the Coptic stitching. I haven’t given up on making a junk journal. I did find our your posts very informative. I also found book covers by 7gypsies which were on clearance. Except I need a studier awl and more supplies. But I need to get my car fix, new glasses and a hearing aid first.

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