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I have been avoiding it for a while, knowing full well, it will cause a great distraction and it will increase my “2014 New Years Resolution”. And I was right.  I have at least 4 more blankets that I want to try.  A couple of intarsia charts which oddly enough, two of them are from the quilt blankets.  My 600 some items may end up to 800 if I am not careful. However I found a few ideas of cheap, but good ideas of storage for the new house.  But these are think that I would never thing of.  Which by the way, I still do not know the moving date which is driving me nuts.

I also been looking at ideas of what to do for the sale in November.  Mainly for my cards.  I found a few pictures and ideas for display, but they are either too big or too expensive.  And yes, I know it is January, but if I need to build it or order it, it is going to take time which I do not wish to rush. But I have found 6 ideas that I can do.

  1. Since I made gift tags over the Christmas holidays which I received great response, why not make them for the sale?  I can use up all of the paper scraps.  They may not be the ones I made earlier, since I have to put care instruction and price.  But it may make an impression on them.
  2. Use mini chalkboard as prices.  Granted, it will probably be for the cards, dishcloths, tags and albums, since my scraves and my animals are priced differently.
  3. Make a ton of ATCs and have a little box with a little sign, “Take One.”
  4. Use a metal slinky and insert my business cards.       
  5. Place smaller items in fishbowls together.  I’m thinking gift tags.  But I am a wee bit nervous of using glass.  I have broken glass through the mail and transport.
  6. Have an album of your past orders like the bears I have done for Christmas, and the album I made for Australia.

I fear that I have a lot of more research to do.  I need something different for my cards. So far, nothing.  I also might think of how to display my hats.  The mannequins head would be great, but shipping cost, cost more than the item.

Author: lesleysoriginalthings

I have an online business where I sell handmade items including cards, teddy bears, scarves and bags.

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