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The moving date is still up in the air due to the cabinets in the kitchen being redone.  Even though, I could put a rush job on them, but the quality will not be good.  So I’m waiting and right now, I have patience of a yak. And no, I do not know of how patience yaks are, I just like the saying.

Because of the wait, I cannot do any mail art, which is frustrating.  However I cannot see any reason to make the mail art so it will be ready to mail.  Except I have no idea of what it is going to be.  I am leaning towards the books that I have been making.  And if so, what size?  I need to start looking for more ideas and more people to send this.  Hopefully one in Canada.

Meanwhile, I thought that I would show you of what I have been doing to pass the time.  I wish I can tell you that I am one kind of project kind of gal or even two.  Cardmaking during the day and knitting/ crochet at night.  Right? No, I’m not.

During the day, I have been going through a pile of papers that I somehow collected.  They are patterns, sketches, and leftover scrapbooking supplies. I have a feeling with all of the papers, I might have destroyed an acre of the rainforest.  But I do recycle them after I am done.  I have been thinking of investing in a tablet, but with the wireless internet, I know that I am going to be distract.  That is one of the reasons of why I prefer pen and paper.

And once again, I realized that I have more than enough scrapbook supplies. I should not be buying any more except for glue.  Which oddly enough, I am running low on them again.  But that may change because I received a card order from one of my long  time (not too long) customer.  Which is good.  But how low long is the big question.  It also goes the same with yarn.

I have been working on my art journal, the one with the backgrounds.  With the leftover paint, I have been using on the other journal.  Waste not, want not.

20140127_140134[1]  I have no idea of where this is going, but until I get the other journal done, I might as well keep going.

However it gave me an idea for one of the pages of the background pages.

20140127_135835[1]  After I gesso the page, I took some paint and smeared it with a palette knife.  But I think I screwed it up.  I should have gone darker to lighter colors instead of lighter to darker.  And I should have used 3 colors.  I am planning to add a thin layer of white gesso in hopes to dull down the color a bit.

I am still working on tags with handmade ink sprays.

20140127_133619[1] I hit the jackpot when I found rubbing alcohol ink in their own spray bottles at the dollar store.  Save me a few dollars of buying a couple of spray bottles.  However, I’m not liking the quality compare to my earlier sprays that I made.  Granted, I used Perfect Pearl in that mix.  The new sprays have no perfect pearl because I have a feeling that it will clog up.  I think I need to go back to the bulletin board.  And I still ALOT of more tags to cut.

As to knitting/crochet, I have been making miltered squares.  Mainly because I just wanted to used up that ball of yarn.  I kept tripping over it.


I do not if you noticed, but I have already cross off 4 things off the 2014 New Years Resolution.  Technically I have been making more things, but apparently it is not on the list.


I have been working on a dragon for the same customer. It is going slow, too slow.  I need to light a fire under my butt for that one.


I started on a big bear with Paton Metallic yarn.


I also started on a rabbit using my small balls of yarn that I cannot throw out.


I also been working on “Easy Big Red One”. And yes, I know it is not red and I had to tweak the pattern a big, but I am using nylon string.


I don’t know if it is the stress, I am dealing with or this move.  My mind feels like it is scatter.  Like the dragon should have been done by now.  I should be working on November sale and my etsy shop.

However I am getting excited and looking up ideas for my craft room.  Except the last time, I reorganized my craft space, it took me over 6 months of trial and errors before I got it working right.

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