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Have you ever had a project where you are almost done? Almost as you need to do one more thing before you can call it done? And even though, that thing is so small, completing it feels like you are climbing Mount St. Helen?

That is what is happening to me right now. The cowls are done. And I’m thinking that I need to start looking for mannequins for my models.

SAM_1497                                                                    SAM_1494

I even knitted and crochet a swatch for each so the person can test it in her washer first.  I made a couple of cute tags.  Everything is done.  The last step is deliever and right now, I feel like I am climbing a mountain.

I wish I could say it is weather or the roads are bad.  That is why the delievery is delay.  That sound reasonable, right?  It has nothing to do the weather.  It is became my cell phone needs a new battery and the store does not have it in stock and it is on order.

I know it sounds weird.  The person who had order it lives outside of town.  And if I run into trouble like going in a ditch or getting lost (whic is most likely going to happen), I’m in deep doggy do.  Because I will not have cell phone to call for help.

The funny thing is that I remembered a time where I didn’t have a cell phone or wasn’t so depended on them.  And I am not a technology kind of gal.  I prefer using pen and paper instead of a computer.  The only games I play online are solitare or the Smurfs.  In fact, some of the games, give me motion sickness (I don’t know why that happens).

Now I feel like I am going through “Cell Phone Withdrawl”.  When did this happen?  When did I become addicted to my cell?  I thought my yarn addiction was bad.

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Don’t Do It

Have you ever watch those horror movies where the girl is at the doorsteps of an old abandon house, trying to escape the psycho killer.  But he is already waiting inside and we are all screaming at the screen, “Don’t go in stupid.”  And of course, she does and gets brutally murdered.

That is when you realized that you are screaming at the screen where the movie was filmed months or even a year earlier.  So there would be no way in heck that she would beable to hear you.  So basically you feel like a complete idiot.

You think that is bad, my mother watches curling where not only she yells at the tv, but she yells at the rocks.  Rocks, an inanimate object.

The reason that I decide to share this with you, besides questioning my mother’s sanity.  I can hear the audience yelling at me, “Don’t do this.”  So yes, maybe the insanity is inherited.

My inspiration/ nemesis Pinterest is at again.  Besides my 2014 New Years Resolution list is now over 700.  There is a scarf project I found, called, Sky Scarf.  Everyday, I knit or crochet a stripe in the colors that matches the sky.  This is where I’m hearing the audience.  I work on this for an entire year and I have to keep track of it everyday.  This includes holidays and sick days.  It is a big commitment for a scarf.  My afghans that I have made for my nieces and nephews takes me about 7 months to make.

But it is a cool project.  Did I just say “cool”?  I think the latest word for praise is “sick”.  I’m definitely feeling my age.

Granted, no one said that I had to do this project right now.  It can be #701 on my list.

“Don’t Do It,” the audience screams.

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Should Someone Be Worrying?

When I’m arguing with myself.

I received an order for two cowls for a mother and daughter.  After a few rough starts, I am almost done with the child’s cowl.  (Try to say that 5 times fast.)  Since the pattern calls for bulk yarn, and believe it or not, in my vast stash, I do not have much bulky yarn.  And what I have are not the right colors.  Honestly, most of the things I make requires either worsted knit or cotton yarn.

Anyway, it turns out that I may be have an extra ball of yarn.  And I can get a refund of that ball.

This is where the argument begins.

The logical, the mature side of me, thinks that this is a good idea.

#1) I need more glue for the upcoming cards.  The money from the yarn can be use to buy it.

#2) There is nothing much I can make with one ball of yarn, except a hat.  I’m going to need at least another ball to make a scarf.  That is more money spent which should be going toward the glue, the postage on the mail and other stuff.

#3) I have 7 plastic totes (Different sizes) of yarn.  It is safe to say that I have enough yarn for two lifetimes.  Oh heck, one my closer friends had threatened me with a yarn intervention once or twice.

However, the other side of me, where everyone can say it is the yarn addiction in me telling me.


I’m wondering if there is a group like AA for yarn addicts.  “Hello, I’m Lesley and I’m addicted to buying yarn.”

So to answer your question.  Someone should worry about this argument.