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Should Someone Be Worrying?

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When I’m arguing with myself.

I received an order for two cowls for a mother and daughter.  After a few rough starts, I am almost done with the child’s cowl.  (Try to say that 5 times fast.)  Since the pattern calls for bulk yarn, and believe it or not, in my vast stash, I do not have much bulky yarn.  And what I have are not the right colors.  Honestly, most of the things I make requires either worsted knit or cotton yarn.

Anyway, it turns out that I may be have an extra ball of yarn.  And I can get a refund of that ball.

This is where the argument begins.

The logical, the mature side of me, thinks that this is a good idea.

#1) I need more glue for the upcoming cards.  The money from the yarn can be use to buy it.

#2) There is nothing much I can make with one ball of yarn, except a hat.  I’m going to need at least another ball to make a scarf.  That is more money spent which should be going toward the glue, the postage on the mail and other stuff.

#3) I have 7 plastic totes (Different sizes) of yarn.  It is safe to say that I have enough yarn for two lifetimes.  Oh heck, one my closer friends had threatened me with a yarn intervention once or twice.

However, the other side of me, where everyone can say it is the yarn addiction in me telling me.


I’m wondering if there is a group like AA for yarn addicts.  “Hello, I’m Lesley and I’m addicted to buying yarn.”

So to answer your question.  Someone should worry about this argument.

Author: lesleysoriginalthings

I have an online business where I sell handmade items including cards, teddy bears, scarves and bags.

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