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Projects # 10 to # 15

I have a basket full of finish knitted and crochet projects.  All they need is to be trim.  That is when you weaved in the ends of the yarn to make it more secure.  You can cut the string off at the knot, except if you know for sure that the item will be under glass for example, it will be twisted, turned, pulled and yank like a t-shirt, especially when you wash it.  Eventually the knot will be undone and your piece that you worked so hard for is ruin.

It is also one of the few things that I hate about knitting/crocheting.  Its takes too long and it is boring.  So I usually leave it until I get a big pile of it.

I was hoping that this will explain the 2014 New Years Resolution List.  A quarter of the year has gone by which I should be around Project #25, but I am at Project #15.

SAM_1594       SAM_1595

But this my friend is a the kicker.  I have either knitted or crochet 49 projects in total which over half of them are not even on the list.  This includes the Mother and Daughter’s Cowl set.

I really want to keep this resolution, but I do not want to be up at all hours in December, making stuff, not for last minute Christmas presents, but for completing the list.

So no more whining and start trimming.