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Taking My Own Advice

For once, I actually listened to myself and took my own advice.  I took a week off.  I didn’t drink any fruity cocktails and worked on my tan on a beach.  (Although, that would have been great.)  I took a week and not worried about my online shop.  I actually felt better, like a heavy weight was lifted off of my shoulders.  I actually got some work done.

I made a delivery to Koda’s Kountry where I received an order of more birthday cards and the owner expressed some interest in my handmade journals.  I’m going to make a couple, but I’m still fuzzy on what to charge.  I still want to use polymer clay, but I still do not have any ideas and that is starting to drive me crazy.  I also been wanting to make a paperbag album, but I haven’t found the right format.  I found several, but none of them suited my taste.  I’m thinking of making a couple, including a sample.

During my “holiday”, I actually accomplished a huge task that has been nagging at me for ages.

I cleaned out my desk.


I had piles of paper coming out of my ying yang.  I had CDs from my old computers, printer and a scanner that  I do not have anymore.  I even found a thick envelope of blank cards, and thank you cards.  These are the type of cards that you would buy at a store.  I brought them years ago before I was interest in making my own.

I couldn’t even find a piece of paper to write something down.  It took a day to go through the pile and sort out the mess.  I even printed out things that already been typed so at least, it will be neat and legible.  So all I have on my desk is a glass with all of my smartchips, containers for my pens, pencils, and erasers, a couple of sheets of paper for note.  The pile you see is rough drafts of future blogs that I should type out soon.

I even cleaned out my scrapbook area including putting all of my papers away.

Oh heck, I even got rid of all of my cassettes that I haven’t listened to them in over 20 years.  Now I feel old.  But my guestroom is cleaned out, minus a canvas box of my cotton yarn.

The only thing that I didn’t complete was T’s dragon, the display shelves, finish organizing my stamps and my bedroom.  It is still a mess.

So now my holidays are almost over.  I’m wondering if I should hold off the shop for a little while longer.  The big sale isn’t until November.  I feel better and calmer now that the pressure is off.  As well my boyfriend and I have been talking about taking a little holiday.  We are still figuring out where, and it might just be at his place with no cells or computer.  Some place that is quiet.

But I know that I need to order more business cards and a new sign.

I think I need to figure out of why my online shop is stressing me out.

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Feeling Overwhelm

For awhile now, I have been feeling overwhelm.  Overwhelm that is already May and my online shop is not set up.  I’m still trying to figure out of how to set up a gallery on this blog.  And I should be on project #50 something, but I am not.

I have a feeling that it might be the one of the causes of my insomnia.

I think tonight, I put down my knitting needles and asked myself why.

Why is my online shop not up and running?  It takes time to get things made, especially my bears.  And right now, I have been getting orders and such, it has been pushed back.  Including an order that has been request for almost a year.  I wondering if I am planning too much for my shop.  Just use that KISS method (Keep it simple, sweetheart).  Maybe make one bear and one rabbit for now.  I don’t know.

Why the cards are not in my online shop?  Because either the cards I made are either being used or gone to Koda’s Kountry.  Or they are not good enough for the shop.  One of my close friends T, told me once that I am always hard on myself.  Well duh, of course, I am.  Because it is my name and reputation is on the line.

Why are you are on Project #16?  Because some of the orders I received are not on the list.  I also been busy with other stuff like organizing my stash . . . again.  Coming up with new display ideas for the upcoming sale.  I might have to accept that I may not beable to complete this resolution.

To be honest, I am really starting to stress out over this where not only my insomnia is getting worst, but I feel sick.  I know that this is going to sound strange, but I am thinking of taking next week off.  Don’t (or try not to) worry about this.  Take that week and relax.  Maybe get that dragon done.  I found a site that shows of how to make your display stand which I should be getting to.  And there is my bedroom, it needs to be clean . . . BAD.  Trust me, it is a bloody mess and it is getting to the point where it much worst that my craft area.  Or spend that week and organized my  supplies.  Maybe once I tackled them, maybe just maybe, my stress level will go down.  And I can come up with better cards.  And you know of what they say about a clean and organized craft place, is a happy crafter.

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One Red Shoebox

I’m kicking myself for not taking a “Before” picture because I do not think anyone would have believe me when I tell you that it took me over 3 days to clean out a shoebox.  But it did.  This is the after shot.  SAM_1649

To be honest, I was looking for a card that I made for my friends, and I honestly thought it was in the shoebox with the other cards.  Because I looked everywhere else.  Funny thing, I found the missing card in a ziplock bag with the other cards with a note saying, “To Be Photograph.”  Good grief.  But I digress.

This box, I had all of my cards that were almost done. Almost, as all they need is some finishing touches.  Every one of my cards get a stamp on the back like this.

SAM_1673  With the date of completion or the date that it was stamp and my initials.

If the cards are dark, say black, I use a white gel pen.


As well, with the dark colored cards, like this card for example.

SAM_1656                            SAM_1659    With the insides being black.

I would glue a white piece of paper to make it easier for the person to write their messages.  And almost all of my cards are blank inside, the sentiments are always outside.SAM_1666

As well with the dark color enevolopes, I would add white labels to them.  SAM_1667  Again, make it easier for the person to write on the card.


Then I would put each card in it own plastic bag and in the plastic bins, ready to sell or use.  It is probably safe to say that I have completed my Christmas cards for this year and probably the next.  I can hardly close it.


That goes the same with all of the other cards, I have enough.  Except for a few children’s birthday cards.  Which is also what I have been doing.  As well working a couple of graduation cards.  This year has gone by so fast.