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Taking My Own Advice

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For once, I actually listened to myself and took my own advice.  I took a week off.  I didn’t drink any fruity cocktails and worked on my tan on a beach.  (Although, that would have been great.)  I took a week and not worried about my online shop.  I actually felt better, like a heavy weight was lifted off of my shoulders.  I actually got some work done.

I made a delivery to Koda’s Kountry where I received an order of more birthday cards and the owner expressed some interest in my handmade journals.  I’m going to make a couple, but I’m still fuzzy on what to charge.  I still want to use polymer clay, but I still do not have any ideas and that is starting to drive me crazy.  I also been wanting to make a paperbag album, but I haven’t found the right format.  I found several, but none of them suited my taste.  I’m thinking of making a couple, including a sample.

During my “holiday”, I actually accomplished a huge task that has been nagging at me for ages.

I cleaned out my desk.


I had piles of paper coming out of my ying yang.  I had CDs from my old computers, printer and a scanner that  I do not have anymore.  I even found a thick envelope of blank cards, and thank you cards.  These are the type of cards that you would buy at a store.  I brought them years ago before I was interest in making my own.

I couldn’t even find a piece of paper to write something down.  It took a day to go through the pile and sort out the mess.  I even printed out things that already been typed so at least, it will be neat and legible.  So all I have on my desk is a glass with all of my smartchips, containers for my pens, pencils, and erasers, a couple of sheets of paper for note.  The pile you see is rough drafts of future blogs that I should type out soon.

I even cleaned out my scrapbook area including putting all of my papers away.

Oh heck, I even got rid of all of my cassettes that I haven’t listened to them in over 20 years.  Now I feel old.  But my guestroom is cleaned out, minus a canvas box of my cotton yarn.

The only thing that I didn’t complete was T’s dragon, the display shelves, finish organizing my stamps and my bedroom.  It is still a mess.

So now my holidays are almost over.  I’m wondering if I should hold off the shop for a little while longer.  The big sale isn’t until November.  I feel better and calmer now that the pressure is off.  As well my boyfriend and I have been talking about taking a little holiday.  We are still figuring out where, and it might just be at his place with no cells or computer.  Some place that is quiet.

But I know that I need to order more business cards and a new sign.

I think I need to figure out of why my online shop is stressing me out.

Author: lesleysoriginalthings

I have an online business where I sell handmade items including cards, teddy bears, scarves and bags.

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