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I finished my first journal in this book order. Technically this is my second book, the first one went to mail art. (Which I have to admit that I am starting to get addicted to.)

Here is the book.



Now if you don’t mind me blowing my own horn, I am really loving this book.  Once I started seeing the covers as cards, I was able to come up with more and better ideas.

Anyway, now I have the big dilemma, besides figuring out the price.

Should I sell it like this or put it in a clear plastic bag.


For the sake of this post, I am using a ziplock bag.  I haven’t had a chance to start looking of what is available for clear packaging and until I finish all of the journals, it honestly makes no sense of looking now.  Mainly because some of these journals are different sizes.

I see the positive and negative of having them in a clear bag.


One of my biggest fear with customers handling my cards  is they are eating greasy foods like French fries and then they touch my cards, staining them with the grease.


The customer may want to see what kind of pages I have in the journal.

It was suggested to me that I should leave a sample journal, good idea, except every journal that I planned are going to be different.  Some will have watercolor paper, some will have computer paper and etc.

I think for now, just finish all of the journals and do the albums and then figure out the packaging.

Author: lesleysoriginalthings

I have an online business where I sell handmade items including cards, teddy bears, scarves and bags.

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