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New Business Cards

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I finally finished the order last Wednesday and of course, I ran out of my business cards.  It is just me, but does anyone else have a hard time of picking out new business cards.  Checks are ok, I just want something simple.  But business cards, oh boy.  The big problem is that there are cards that have yarn design and paper craft designs, which is good.  However I use yarn and paper together for Original Things so finding a design that has both yarn and paper is not easy.  And since I am still struggling with coming up with my own logo, I am kinda stuck using the templates. 

This was my old business card.  20140623_154216[1]


I picked that one because it is creative and of course, purple.

But back to the order, so I was in a bind, I decide to make my own designs.  I just needed a card to put in my cards and the books for Koda’s Kountry. 

I printed this out on cardstock, heat set it and then used Tim Holtz’s Distress inks and Stampin’ Up Markers to color the page.


I then stamped my sunflower stamp and colored that with watercolor, a transparent color so you can see the information.


Then I just cut the cards out.


Despite it was cardstock, it was still thin.  However I cannot fit thicker and studier paper through my printer without causing a jam.  But I am pleased with the results.

So right now, I am taking a small break.  That plus, four of my drawers are completely jammed so I am busy cleaning them out and fixing them out. 

That is about it.


Author: lesleysoriginalthings

I have an online business where I sell handmade items including cards, teddy bears, scarves and bags.

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