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I think that is what I can call this. I am honestly not sure. Most of the orders are done. And right now, I am working on stuff for my big November sale. I still have to figure out of how to make a display for my cards and such, although I have a strong feeling that I might just order pre-made shelves, granted the postage is going to be expensive, but compare to making this myself, it might be worth it.

I am trying to see if I can use styrofoam as shelves in one of my decorative boxes as shelves. It is not going to hold all of my cards, but compare to the big contraption, it should be better. I also have another bigger box which I am going to cut out one side and install the shelves. Then I am going to find some cloth to cover up the shelves, hopefully it will look better, I hope. But just my luck, I remembered the garage sale that my parents had and she sold several rolls of fabric. I am now kicking myself in not saving a piece or two.

I’m working on some cards, despite that I have more than enough cards. Well when I pulled some of my cards out for donation to Operation Write Home, I noticed something. That I was short of birthday cards for children and Sympathy cards. So I am making a few kid’s birthday cards. I’m also finding it sad that I am running low on sympathy cards.

So I am busy working on those.

I’m also working on a few scarves. I find this pattern on Pinterest which I thought this is cool.


My best friend T gave me yarn for my birthday and made me promise to use this yarn for myself. Do not make any teddy bears, slippers or scarves for Original Things. This is for me. I had put that yarn aside because I couldn’t really find a pattern, nothing stood up and grabbed my attention until now


Unfortunately there is not instructions to this scarf, only pictures, but it seem pretty self explanatory.

20140713_233733[1]   This is the first row.


IMG_20140719_214549[1]  This is the second row that I finished last night.


I also hoping to bring this to my knitting club, because I have been looking for a pattern to work on that is “mindless.” We gals at the knitting club like to gossip so I need something “mindless” to knit. This is not.

I hoping once I get it figure out, maybe I can make a few more for the sale. But I am trying to figure out the color combinations. Again, I have been checking out pinterest for ideas. The only stimulation is that I use the yarn that I have, lets trying to empty one of my totes. (I type this with my fingers cross.)

However my other problem is finding some “mindless” knitting or crochet to do. I’m kind of getting tired of making squares for my cosy blanket and my “idiot” squares blanket. I’m going to go through my WIP pile and maybe there is something. I know that there is another baby blanket that I can finish, and that crochet tote bag.






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I have an online business where I sell handmade items including cards, teddy bears, scarves and bags.

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