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When I was in grade school, the teacher gave us a piece of paper and told us to color the entire sheet in different colors, using only pencil crayons.  I remembered of how hard I held on to my pencil crayons as I colored.  Then she gave us a black crayon and told us to cover the page in black.  I didn’t understand of what she wanted, but nevertheless, I did of what I was told.  It was after the paper was cover, she showed us by gently scrapping away the black crayon, it revealed the colors underneath and we made wonderful pictures.  To be honest, I can’t exactly of what I drew, I just remember the trick.

It is kind of what Crayola Color Wonder have, minus all of the hard work of prepping the paper.  I wish they had that when  I was a kid.  The only downside with Crayola is if you make a mistake, there  is nothing you can do about it.  But with the black crayon method, if you make a mistake, you take a black crayon and color over it.

This gave me an idea to try out an experiment and this time, I tried it on my ATCs and scraps, not a journal page.  I took a piece of 9 X 12 watercolor paper where I used dye spray to color the page.  Once it was dried, I cut it into 2 1/2 by 3 1/2 sizes leaving a couple of scraps.

I used my big solid leaf stamp and clear emboss to stamp on the scraps.


On one scrap, I used black watercolor paint and quickly wiped it with a baby wipe.  On the second scrap, I used black acrylic paint.

SAM_1914 <—-  The left one is watercolor and the right one is acrylic.

I went with acrylic paint because I like the intensity of the color.

So this is how I did the card before the paint.


And after I did the black paint.  I also ended covering it with modge podge because I didn’t like the feel of the card.


I’m really pleased of how they turned out, and simple it was.

In other news, I found out that the people who are organizing the craft sale next month has extended their deadline until the end of  this month.  To be honest, I’m starting to become anxious about it.  Mainly because this sale is going to be around Halloween and I should make some Halloween cards and maybe some pumpkins hats.

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Lights . . . Camera . . . Action!!

And crossing my fingers that the batteries don’t die on me.

Lady L shown me an advertisement of an upcoming craft fair which it is in town and indoors.  But they are asking for photos of things that I’m selling. Which it is fair.  Except I do not have photos of things that I’m currently selling.  Believe it or not, things that I complete, they get sold before I have a chance to take a photo.  I do have photos of them for my portiflico.

Now saying that, I had thought of showing photos of things that I had previously made, like this shawl.



This happens to be one of my best pieces.  But it is already gone.  I am wondering if I can whip up another shawl in less than 2 months.  Oh boy.  Except I need more hats and scarves (like cables and fufu).  I wish that chain link scarf was done, but that is my scarf.  T will kill me if I sold that one.

I’m only allow to send 10 pictures max, which is only fair.  I can’t imagine the judges wanting to look at over 100 photos from one person.

This is what I have come up with.

SAM_1904 SAM_1893SAM_1879 SAM_1875 SAM_1868 SAM_1855 SAM_1851 SAM_1850SAM_1843 SAM_1840 SAM_1836


And I just realized that I have 12 pictures.  Pickles. Maybe it is a good thing that I have insomnia.