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I Have A Confession

I hate Halloween.  I hate it with a passion.  I actually have bad anxieties over this holiday.  I’m getting better.  But still, I try to avoid that day as much as possible.  The only thing that I like about Halloween is the little candy bars I can stock on.

But ironically yesterday, A from Koda’s Kountry came over to pick up an order from me.  Despite my feelings for Halloween, I made some Halloween cards.  I have to admit that these are probably the best Halloween cards that I made.  Talk about irony.  But there is more irony to this blog.




Fortunately with this order, everything was pretty much done.  The slippers, the baby blanket, and the Happy Birthday cards.


Now this is where the 2 ironies happens.

#1  I have to make a list of what is in the order.  Like 2 small Halloween cards, 10 small birthday cards, 4 medium size slippers and etc.  The irony is that I am completely surrounded with paper, pattern paper, card stock, watercolor paper, drawing paper, and yet, I had one heck of a time of find a piece of regular paper to write down the list.

#2 I have to restock my birthday cards and my thank you cards before the big sale in November.  It gives me a good excuse to use my cricut machine.  It feel like it has been ages since I used it.


I’m also hoping to finish a few of the paper bag albums, but the cards are my first priority.


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Back to School Shopping.

I meant to post this earlier, but I had severe stomach pains last Friday and I’m still dealing with them tonight.


I think every person who does art journaling, cards, book binding, and even scrapbooking, should take advances in “Back To School Shopping” sales.  This is some of the things that I brought during the sale.



The white glue, I’m planning to made my own modge podge for my art journaling. The recipes calls for:

 1 part white glue

1 part water (just regular old tap water)

But lately, I find if I used 2/3 white glue and 1/3 water is better than the original recipe. It gives it a thick stew consistently.


The Composite Notebook, I can make into another art journal. Like 4 art journals are not enough and I’m planning to make another art journal, just with watercolor paper.


And I already explained the watercolor paper pad.

The foam puzzle mat is for my blocking. I have from several sources to use these foam mats because it is more firmer and studier than using a towel.  Not to mention, when I spritz the product like a scarf with water, the towel will soak up the moisture and drying it faster before having a chance to dry straighter.  I’m going to reblock a scarf again.

There were also glue sticks, pens with pink, purple, green, bright blue inks, pencils, erasers for art journaling that was on sale. I didn’t buy those, because I didn’t need them.  As well as ink for my printer.  I’m cutting back on my spending.  Granted none of these products I buy, won’t be use for scrapbooking, paper albums, and cards. Mainly because, I want none of my products to turn yellow in the distance future because of the acid it might contain.

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This morning, I was lying in bed, debating on whether or not to get up, or read on the latest gossip on celebrities.  I am not a morning person.  But my phone binged, telling me that I received an email and it showed, “Operation Write Home.”  My first thought it was from Operation Write Home so I thought, I would read it, give me a few more minutes of staying in bed.  But I read it wrote.  The subject was “Operation Write Home.”   This email read like:

I wanted to send you a quick note to express my thanks to you for sharing your time and talents with the many military members who are deployed overseas. My husband sent me one of your lovely cards recently. It will be something that I will keep and treasure and it is because of the many people like you who take the time to care and share your talents. What a great organization!!

I also enjoy stamping and card making, but have not been doing it for several years because of other commitments. I think I may have the itch to create again and will be making some in the near future….

Thanks again and many blessings to you!

Lynne B



To be honest, I was flabbergasted in receiving this email and almost in tears.  Tears of joy of course.  I honestly never expect to receive any email from anyone in service.  Yes, I wrote my email and where the card is from.  I saved this email and planning to have it print out and maybe scrapbook it.  But I wish I knew of which card she received because I could make a copy of it and put it in the scrapbook.

In other news, I didn’t get accepted in the October sale, but that is ok.  I still have make a couple of Halloween cards for Koda’s Kountry, which it is going slow.  Maybe because today, I spent a day cleaning up my table so I can get to my cricut machine.  After Christmas, I am going to take a month off and clean out my workplace.