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Back to School Shopping.

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I meant to post this earlier, but I had severe stomach pains last Friday and I’m still dealing with them tonight.


I think every person who does art journaling, cards, book binding, and even scrapbooking, should take advances in “Back To School Shopping” sales.  This is some of the things that I brought during the sale.



The white glue, I’m planning to made my own modge podge for my art journaling. The recipes calls for:

 1 part white glue

1 part water (just regular old tap water)

But lately, I find if I used 2/3 white glue and 1/3 water is better than the original recipe. It gives it a thick stew consistently.


The Composite Notebook, I can make into another art journal. Like 4 art journals are not enough and I’m planning to make another art journal, just with watercolor paper.


And I already explained the watercolor paper pad.

The foam puzzle mat is for my blocking. I have from several sources to use these foam mats because it is more firmer and studier than using a towel.  Not to mention, when I spritz the product like a scarf with water, the towel will soak up the moisture and drying it faster before having a chance to dry straighter.  I’m going to reblock a scarf again.

There were also glue sticks, pens with pink, purple, green, bright blue inks, pencils, erasers for art journaling that was on sale. I didn’t buy those, because I didn’t need them.  As well as ink for my printer.  I’m cutting back on my spending.  Granted none of these products I buy, won’t be use for scrapbooking, paper albums, and cards. Mainly because, I want none of my products to turn yellow in the distance future because of the acid it might contain.

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I have an online business where I sell handmade items including cards, teddy bears, scarves and bags.

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