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I Have A Confession

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I hate Halloween.  I hate it with a passion.  I actually have bad anxieties over this holiday.  I’m getting better.  But still, I try to avoid that day as much as possible.  The only thing that I like about Halloween is the little candy bars I can stock on.

But ironically yesterday, A from Koda’s Kountry came over to pick up an order from me.  Despite my feelings for Halloween, I made some Halloween cards.  I have to admit that these are probably the best Halloween cards that I made.  Talk about irony.  But there is more irony to this blog.




Fortunately with this order, everything was pretty much done.  The slippers, the baby blanket, and the Happy Birthday cards.


Now this is where the 2 ironies happens.

#1  I have to make a list of what is in the order.  Like 2 small Halloween cards, 10 small birthday cards, 4 medium size slippers and etc.  The irony is that I am completely surrounded with paper, pattern paper, card stock, watercolor paper, drawing paper, and yet, I had one heck of a time of find a piece of regular paper to write down the list.

#2 I have to restock my birthday cards and my thank you cards before the big sale in November.  It gives me a good excuse to use my cricut machine.  It feel like it has been ages since I used it.


I’m also hoping to finish a few of the paper bag albums, but the cards are my first priority.


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I have an online business where I sell handmade items including cards, teddy bears, scarves and bags.

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