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A Few More Days Left

This Saturday is the big sale in Bentley and I am busy doing last minute stuff, like cards and finishing a scarf.  However like every crafter’s belief, we never have enough.

I did however ordered new business cards.  What really surprised me the most is that I chose yellow.  Anyone who knows me, knows that yellow is not my favorite color.


I was in a rush, triple checking that I got my name, my business name, my logo, and my phone number right.  Well, if you look closer, you can see that “Original Things” is off center.  And if you look even closer, you will noticed that my email and this blog site is not on there.  Pickles.

The plan is for this week is that tomorrow is the last day to get all of the cards done.  I need more male birthday cards and new Christmas cards for Koda’s Kountry.  Wednesday, get all of the new cards stamped, white paper inside and bagged, and that goes the same for the handbound journal.

I also have to finish one more scarf, and get the new hats tagged.  Here are two new hats that I’m selling.

20141002_153026-1                                           20141022_184918

Cool, aren’t there.  I’m thinking of making a few animal hats as Christmas presents.

BUT, after this sale, I am taking a few days off.  I have been dealing with huge amounts of stress, which  I didn’t realized of how bad it was.  I thought my insomnia was getting better, I am sleeping a few more hours. However I have been having stomach problems and have developed hives.  My doctor told me that this is cause of stress, bad stress.  I have to take a stress leave.  I’ve been thinking of spending a few days in West Edmonton Mall or going to Banff.  But I need to get through this sale first.  As well as figure out of what to do in Banff besides skiing.