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The Day After

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Ok technically it is two days after.  It is almost 2 in the morning now and I am planning to set the time to post this later in the morning.  Lately I found that all of my postings are done after midnight and since this blog on Facebook, I feel like I don’t get much attention to this.  Not that I am asking for attention for myself, just attention to my business.

Moving on.  The sale went good, despite that I had less than two hours of sleep.  I almost fell asleep at the table, using the baby blanket as a pillow.  But I have to admit that baby blanket was very comfortable.  In the picture, it kind of feels like “Where’s Waldo” and I also look like one of the mannequins’ heads.  I didn’t realized that my grey hair is coming out again.

I have to say that I am really happy of how the new display turned out.  The only two problems that I had it with it that I couldn’t show as much of my things because the displays took up more space.  And second, if you notice that new card display which is much nicer and cleaner, and didn’t take up half of the table, people still thought the cards in there were only on display, not for sale.  Good grief.  I’m going to have to make up a mini sign for that.

The other strange things that I received more response and sale to the skulls hats compare to the animal hats.  I honestly thought that I would sell out them out.  I actually got an order to make a skull hat for a toddler.  Then the day before, I went to the bank to get some spending money, where one of the girls who work there, liked my hat.  She ordered one.

The bad news of the order is that she wants the exact same color as the one I have.   The one where the purple yarn is from T.  She is not going to be happy.

I also been told that there is another sale in Innisfail later on this month.  Tomorrow or in a few hours, I will be calling them to see if there is any opening lefts and how much is the tables.  If not, can I put on the list for next year.

So today, I was feeling worn out, like my body was carrying a heavy weight.  I couldn’t even get out of my pajamas today.  I was planning to clean off my work table and give it a good scrub.  Instead I wrapped myself in a blanket and work in my art journal.

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I have an online business where I sell handmade items including cards, teddy bears, scarves and bags.

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