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A Christmas Surprise

One of these days, I am going to get my life organize and start posting regularly, but not at this moment.

Last Christmas, I decided to knit my 2 nieces and 2 nephews hats as their Christmas presents.  Which I should have realized that I should have started last July.  I didn’t get them done until after the holiday.  Fortunately, they understood and they were ok with it.

I made this ladybug hat for their youngest, J.

SAM_2004                    SAM_2016

The other three, I basically made the same hat, using different colors of course.

The pattern I used in that was Chunky Mochi Dragon Ribs Hat from Crystal Palace.  They were all very easy.

20141206_154004[1]   SAM_2015

SAM_1998     SAM_1993


They all loved their hats which I was very pleased and relieved.

However I decided that next Christmas, I am going to the store and buy their Christmas present.

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A Leave of Absence

Don’t worry, I am not taking a leave of absence from this blog or the products that I make.  I do have to take a leave of absence from crafts sale for a bit.

As you may remember that I have been suffering from several stomach pains.  Well I finally got in to see a doctor and had some tests done.  It turns out that I have a gall stone which needs to be removed.  Good news, I know of what it is.  The bad news is that the wait time for surgery is from 4 to 6 months.

And because of this gall stone, I have been stuck at home whenever my stomach flared up which is everyday now.  Most of the time, the pain is not bad.  It is just there to let me know that it is there.  However there are days where the pain is so bad that . . .  how can I say this nicely . . . . I have to be close to the bathroom.  Hence the leave of absence.

It is frustrating as heck, but there is nothing else I can do.  I can be put on their wait list for cancellations once the blood work is done which I am hoping that can be done next week.  I really want to get this ball going.

I hope everyone have a good weekend and a Happy Valentine’s Day.