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Finding Motivation.

Despite my gall stone flares up, I do have periods of time that I am not bound to the house.  I can go out and run some errands.

The logical side of me tell me;

This is a perfect time to get things done for the sale in November.

Not to mention, they have having another sale in December which I have been invited to.

I’m playing the assumption game and assumed that I would already have my surgery long before the sale and I will be completely heal.

But I do have a Plan B, I have found two friends who are willingly to do it for me in case I am not able to make it.  My concern is what if they get questions that they are unable to answer.  I don’t want them to look like fools.  My bigger concern is what if they get orders that I cannot fill out.  Orders like Mickey Mouse Hat, Winnie the Pooh scarf, Skylander slippers, or any copyrighted characters.

The other reason for getting stuff done early is the surgery.  Like how long is the recovery time.  Ten years ago, I had a breast reduction surgery, and yes, I know it seems like I’m comparing apples to elephant, but it is the only one I got.  I wasn’t completely healed until two months.  The first month was hard because I needed help in the shower, couldn’t drive and couldn’t put my hands together.  The second month, I was getting better, but I still needed help with my socks and shoes.  I could only crochet 3 granny squares in a hour.  Before the surgery, it was 10.  But you get the idea.

The last reason for motivation is my boyfriend is thinking of starting a new business and I want to help him.

So I have three good reasons to start working, but I don’t.