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I am a Hoarder

Have you seen those tv shows where you meet hoarders and seen their houses.  How their stuff is piled to the ceiling and you have to climb over stuff to get to the door or even to the bathroom?  Well today, I admit that I am a hoarder.

Relax; my stuff is not piled to the ceiling.  I am a hoarder of yarn and it is in 7 plastic bins, a ziplock storage bag, my trunk, and several baskets.  Someone asked me if I toss out any yarns.  Believe it or not, I do.  If the yarn is too tangled that I know it is going to take me a couple of days to de-tangled and migrane, that goes into the garbage.  Some of my friends surprised that I saved all of my scraps.


The small balls, I used them for my Scrap-ghan blanket, or my scrappy bear and bunny.


Or if they are bigger, I make squares for my cozy and idiot squares blanket.

20150417_185816[1]  20150417_190027[1]

The little scraps of yarn, if they are longer than 12 inches, I keep them.  Now I am know everyone who is reading this is going to be questioning my sanity . . . . again.


But there is a method to my madness.  The squares have to be sewn together.  And what do you sew them together with???  Yarn.


As well as anyone who had sold things, they would all agreed with me that you need price tags.  So again, with strings, I used them to attach the price tags or care instructions to my products


In other news, I have surgery scheduled at the end of June to removed my gall bladder removed.  Hopefully afterward, my life can back to normal and I can start participating craft sales.