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In between sales

I had the first sale and now getting ready for the second sale.  I admit that I didn’t have much expectation for the both sales because this was a bad year for me.  I didn’t get things that I wanted to be done, done.  In my mind, I knew it was because of my gal bladder as well as other stuff. But still, I felt bad.

But surprise, surprise, I remarkable well.  I think I had my best sale.  The other thing that surprise me that I sold a lot of sympathy cards.  Normally, I would sell one or two if I am lucky during my sales.

Unfortunately, I only sold one of my handmade albums.  I am crossing my fingers that I do better the next one.  Which I am currently working on.  The bad part of all of this is from all of the knitting caps and scarves, I have pull a muscle in my shoulder so knitting right now is painful.  I am hoping it will get better until after the sale if not, I am going to see my doctor again.

I am planning that the next sale that I will be selling my shaker cards, just trying to figure out of the price.

I guess that is all I can say now.  I hope everyone is doing ok.