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Missing Phone and Purging.

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First of all, I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  I apologized for the lateness, but everything has been nuts.  This week, I am hoping that I can finally send the rest of my Christmas cards and yes, I know it is almost the middle of January.

Since last Tuesday, I lost my cell phone so the rest of this week, I have been searching the house, and cleaning.  I thought it would a great time to start purging.

Well, you know the saying, “The thought was there.”  Because that what it was, a thought.  I have at least 20 books that needs to be bind, and all the ones that are already bounded and ready for sale.  So do I need to make any more?  Yes, just for myself.  With all of this bookbinding, be nice to make a nice journal or a sketchbook for myself.  As well since I have been sketching out ideas for cards and page layouts, I have been using.

My first run didn’t go out as planned.  I didn’t throw out any.  I realized that I had all of this expensive watercolor paper for some of the books that I couldn’t throw out.  After the second try, I ended up throwing out the cardboard that was badly cut.  Now that Michaels sells chipboard, I can use that.  And why the heck, did I have small pieces of cardboard save?  For mini books?  Not 2 inch square books.  So I managed to throw some stuff.

The albums were the same thing, it took me two tries before I actually started throwing things out.  So my scrapbook tote is now organized, my bin for mail and art journaling is nicely clear up.  Oh heck, even the couch looks better.  I did find a pair of scissors, a missing paintbrush, some stamps and even a crochet hook.  The phone was still a mystery.

The only thing that I was worried about my phone was that it all of the photos that took that I didn’t want to lose.  My contract is up and  I am due to a new phone which I am hoping it is better than my old one.

Lesson of the day, start saving your photos on smart chips or something.  Better yet, print out your photos.

I finally found my phone today which you would never guess where.  On the table.  After both my mother and I went through it.   Son of a gun.  And the big question that I have is why didn’t I go through the table first.

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