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Still Feeling Overwhelmed

This summer my friend J will not be joining me on Tuesday nights.  Her dog is one of the champions in the dog shows which she is busy entering her in completitions during the summer.  She wants to get her pedigree up so when she breds her, her puppies will be worth more.  I teased that she is now her pimp.

So since my Tuesdays and Wednesdays are now free, I have been severely lacking in motivation.  Honestly, I have been trying to sort out of my stamps which that itself is a task.

Plus the Father’s Day cards had to be done.  My hairdresser has allow me to set up a small display of my things.  When I say small, I mean, a tiny card display, two bears sitting on her shelf and a dishcloths.  But I have been selling them which is good.  She just takes it off my hair cut price.  Here are the two bears that I am selling.


Which by the way, I already sold one and got an order for a purple one.  The irony of it that I have a purple bear almost complete.  I should finish it this week.  I was hoping to complete it tonight and start on another one to replace the one that I sold, but holy catfish, I was nodding off before 9 pm.  I decide to upload some pictures and work on this blog.  I think, I pray that I figure out of how to do the portiflico.   I also need to edit photos and download them from my phone to my memory chip so in case I drop my phone in the tub, at least the photos would be saved.

As of this moment, the next deadline for cards are Halloween which obviously I have time for.  I have to work on a couple of Christmas cards during the summer which I admit, it always feel weird during them while wearing shorts.  Granted my friends in Australia, they wear shorts at Christmas time, so it is not weird.

And unfortunately, as of this moment money is tight.  So tight that I cannot post anything on Etsy.  Which is making me feel even more overwhelm.  I am hoping things will settle down soon and  I find a routine.

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Breaking Surface

I know that it has been months since I last wrote.  I have been super busy and going through some personal stuff.  And unfortunately, I know that the next few months is going to be really insane for me.  So this is a quick post to let you know that I haven’t forgotten about you guys, just been busy.

One of the things that I have been doing is cleaning out my yarn collection.  I have 7 huge plastic bins of yarn, two storage ziplock bags, a trunk full of yarn, and not to mention the little boxes around the house, full of yarn.  Then my hairdresser gave me some yarn that one of her other customers gave her.  And when I said some yarn, I mean two huge boxes. My plan is to try to get the yarn down to 5 plastic bins and maybe a couple of small decorative boxes.  Those boxes are by the couch where I watch tv.


That is bag number 3 and 4 that I had sent to donation.  There is a church here that is looking for yarn donation so they can knit blankets and other items for the homeless.  I already been going through my patterns to see of what to take off my list of things that I want to knit and crochet.  So far, I had removed 65 items.  I am still wittering down the list.

I have been doing some art journaling lately in order to relax.  One of the journal prompts is to do 4 backgrounds, don’t think about it, just do it.

20160502_141304[1]  That is fingerpainting with modeling paste.  Actually I had fun doing that.  It reminding me when I was kid.  I am tempted to pick up some fingerpaint, but I easily use my acrylic paint.

20160502_141138[1]  I used Dylusion spray with my own alchol sprays.

20160502_141221[1]  This one, I did some thought into it because I had to pick out the paper from my scrap box and of course, cutting them into shapes.

20160502_141243[1]I used white glue resist technique and Tim Holtz Distress paint.  I am thinking this is going to be an underwater scene.

20160502_141341[1]  I had this pattern paper for years and I had no idea of what to do with it.  I finally put a coat of thin white paint just to tone it down.  I am thinking of using the one word prompt challenge.  But so far, I haven’t found a word that I like.  I have been using one word generators on the computer, but the words they come up are either ones that I have no idea of what it means, or hard to do.  For example, how I can art journal about flinching, bending, or northern.  I want art journal to relax me, not to stress me out.

I am hoping that I will be more vigil with my blog.