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Being Sick and Albums

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Things had slow down here a bit.  Mainly because I am not feeling so great.  I don’t know if it is the stress or a bug, but holy catfish, I feel like I have been run over by a semi.

I am now selling small bears and dishcloths with the cards at my hairdresser.  Already I sold a dishcloth and 2 bears.  Unfortunately, I do not make much money there.  The money I do earn go towards a haircut.  I should save it for a color and a highlight.  It’s a girl thing.


A few months back, I completed a baby album for Lady L’s baby shower.  Here are a few shots of it.  I admit that I enjoyed using Winnie the Pooh Cricut and wish I can use him more along with my Mickey Mouse and Tinkerbel cartiages.  When I first brought them, I brought then when my nieces and nephews were just babies, not all except one is has grown up.  I feel old now.

The album tutorial is from The Creative Life Studios.  Here is the link to the You-Tube video, Envelope Mini Album .  It was a simple album to make, the only hard part that I had was not to overdo it.  And trust me, I had to stop myself several times.  And the best part of it was that all I actually had to buy was glue. But in all honestly, I would have brought glue either way because I am always running out.

There was an insert which again, I found on Youtube.  It is called Triple Library Pocket with Trifold Flap.  Library Pocket With Trifold Flap.

And here is the baby card.  20160409_164848

So what is my next play you ask?  Obviously get over this bug.  I am sorting my art stash again, trying once again to get my stamps organized.  I am starting to believe that I have a better chance to find the Fountain of Youth than getting my stamps organized.  I am still organizing my yarn stash.  With that and donating the yarn, (by the way, I am on bag #5), I haven’t kept track of what I have knitted or completed or how many balls of yarn I used this year.  It is a little nerve wrecking.

I also been toying with another idea for an album, a Christmas album from a children’s book.  But I am fighting against it because I am still working on the prize album which I haven’t touch in a couple of months, due to the orders.  So finish the prize album first then maybe the storybook.

I have to stop coming up with more creative ideas.

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