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In The Year 2020

It is hard to believe that it is already 2020.  This is the year where we supposed to have rocket ships and traveling to the moon would be easy to travel to Mexico.  Well obviously, that didn’t happen.

As well as two Christmas videos that I had planned, that didn’t work.

I had another setback in my recovery.  I am having a very hard time of getting around.  I don’t know if it is the cold weather or the fall, but both of my legs are very stiff and walking around it is very painful.  Oh heck, it has taken me 3 days just to get to the compute to type out this blog because of the pain and the effects of the painkillers.  They work, but they also make me sleep a lot.

The MRI that scheduled last month . . . well . . . lets just it was a disaster is putting it nicely.  I ended up having a panic attack and muscle spasms.  So it has been postponed until March.  With a strong recommendation to get a prescription of a tranquiller.

I was counting on that MRI so I have an idea of what is going on and what is the next step.  Especially with the craft sales.

So the question is what to do now.  I am honestly hoping and praying that I do not become like Peg Bundy.  Although that is what I have been doing for the last week or so.  Sitting on my butt, watching tv.  My Christmas cards are not even done.  I even had to get my brother to do some of my Christmas shopping.

I am hoping to work on You Tube, but that is going to depend on my knee.  Which is ironic because this is perfect time to do more videos.  I’m also been thinking of taking an online course.  I am not sure which one yet.  I am still researching and the biggest factor is I do not want to jeopardized my healing.

I hope everyone had a good new year.