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Easter Tin Basket

Things had changed differently since I last blogged with the threat of Corvis-19 looming over us. The world had pretty much stop spinning.  We cannot leave the house unless it is for food, doctors, or gas.

However right here in Red Deer, there is another reason for staying.  It is snowing.  It’s April and it is freezing cold.  Too damn cold to leave.  Not to mention my knee is still giving me grief.  A ton of grief.

I had one video that is almost done; just need a few steps before completion. Steps that including spray painting outside.  And again, it is too damn cold.

Some of the experts say take the time to reflect, learn something new. And yet, it is ok, not to do anything.  People handle crisis differently.

So how am I handling it? To be honestly, before the quarantine, I haven’t left the house.  My knee is still bothering me and my car still doesn’t work.  The only difference, is that I started seeing doctors about my knee and balance.

They are talking about surgery on my knee and spine. I haven’t made up my mind on yet.  The spine doctor needs another MRI and x-ray before making the final decision.  However with the virus, it has been pushed back.  My big concern it having it inferred with my mom’s hip surgery.  That is the last thing I wanted.

Meanwhile, I did managed to do this video for Easter.


The video is: Easter Tin Basket

The template for the bunnies are: Bunny Template

The Supply List


  • Tin from the Dollar Tree
  • Glass Cleaner and Rag
  • Tape Runner
  • Scissors
  • Paintbrushes
  • Chalk Erasable Marker
  • Folk Art Acrylic Paint    – Parisian Pink
  • Medium Yellow
  • Green Acrylic Paint
  • White Acrylic Paint
  • Black Sharpie Marker

I do admit that I sped up the video a few times. Who wants to watch me painting bunnies in real time, not to mention 3 layers.

I did make the mistake at the end. When I explained of why I couldn’t varnish the tin, cause of the snow, it was suppose the show the snow while I was explaining it.  Instead it showed it at the end.  And by then, it was too late to fix the mistake.

Oh I almost forgot to type this part.

The songs, “Beach Walk,” and “Hurt So Good Blues” by Unicorn’s Head are available at the You Tube Library.