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The Alphabet Cards

When I first saw C is for Cookie card by Madame Wong it gave me an idea which I started to question my sanity.  What about making the “Alphabet Cards”. 

I don’t mean have the letters, “A”, “G”, or even “T” on the card.  Make the cards to represent the letter.  Like “B” for birthday, brads, brayers, or “S” for Spellbinder Dies, stickers, or sympathy card.  I should make “C” for cuckoo.

The more I thought about this, the more I realized that this might work.  I set up a few ground rules for myself.  The cards have to either for Original Things, Operation Write Home or myself.  Unless I am giving the card in person, there are not going to be any heavy embellishments. And it has to be realistic.  What I mean that did you know that June 23rd was “Pink Flamingo Day”  Well that seems like a cool holiday, but honestly, I don’t see myself making a card for that or even recieving a card like that.

I also decide to do this in alphabet order and make at least 3 cards.  Which is not bad, considering I could make a birthday card for a boy, girl, and unisex.  As well give me time to think of the hard letters like “X” and “Z”.  So far, I am coming up with zip. 

I also not going to do them all at once.  I have other cards that need to be done as well and I’m afraid I will definately be going cuckoo.