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Feeling Zen Lately

It is weird for the first sale, I am stressing out to the point where I don’t sleep and I ended up having anixety.  But the second sale, I felt totally.  Now granted, the zen could from the muscle relaxers and cold medication.

You know of what happened in the first sale, didn’t make much of a sale and hurted my back and hips.  Which is why I took the muscle relaxers.  Then I caught a cold which came with the cold medication.  So yes, the zen feeling probably being stoned.

Last week was my last sale of 2017 and it went really well.  That is my mother in the picture enjoying her bagel and coffee.


I sold out all of the mini stockings, some hats, and scarves.  Then we gave most of our stuff to Koda’s Kountry for them to sell.  They are toying with the idea of doing an Easter sale which I am told them that I am all for it.

And this time, I was smart by taking advil during the sale so my back wasn’t killing me.  Although I was sure stiff as a bone when I left.  Our friend J stopped by at the end and she helped us packed us.  We were also smart of waiting until everyone was gone so we were able to move our car closer instead of walking a distance back and forth.  I know exercise is good for you, but not in the snow and ice.

So what are my plans now, you ask.  So beside enjoy Christmas with my family.  I am going to start looking for ideas for Easter and clean out my studio.  I have another idea in the works, but I rather not say anything yet.  I am still looking into it and trying to figure it out.

I hope everyone is ok and stay warm if you are cold.

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Trying to Catch Up

I know it has been awhile . . . again since I last post.  I have been still dealing with back problems and cleaning.  This is my next big cleaning up project.

The clean stamps.  I foresee a few slurpees and chocolates just to get through it.  It is a complete mess.


Although a funny note is while I was sorting out my buttons, this truck button was stuck in this jar.  I eventually got it out with a help from a friend.  But still that question still remains, how the heck did it get in there if I can’t get it out.  Good grief.


However I have participated in a few art exchanges.  One was favourite quote on an ATC and we had to used a playing card.  This was mine and the second one was the one I received from the exchanged.  I went alittle overboard because I completely covered the playing card.

20170106_1442471    The quote is from Maya Angelou, “You can’t use up creativity.  The more you use, the more you have.”


20170216_170052120170216_1701311  These two are birthday cards for my nieces.  I cannot believe one of them turned 18, ghee, it didn’t seem so long ago when she was playing with Barbie.

I did do a delivery for Koda’s Kountry for Easter. And please excuse my big toe in the shot

img_20170227_1054351 img_20170227_1051221

As for knitting, I just finished these two pieces.

img_20170303_1435161 img_20170303_1430261

So that is basically it.  Now wonder my back hurts.


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Three Weeks, no problem

I have less than three weeks before the big sale in Bentley, Alberta.  While everyone including my bf tells me that I am going to be fine, I am still freaking out.  I have enough Christmas cards that my plastic bin for Christmas cards is completely full.  I can’t put anymore in.  I still have to make a few birthday cards and some bird cards.  But I am still worried that I don’t have enough or no one is going to buy anything.

I know, I know, breath.

I am still planning to do the draw, but I can only do one prize.  I didn’t get the shawl done in time, but the album is almost done.  And if I do say so myself, it looks damn good.  I am hoping to get it done this week and try to figure out of what to say.

I want to hand out tickets for customers when they make a purchase, but I do not want to give someone three tickets if they buy three dishcloths.  It has to be purchased price.  As well I am still trying to figure out of how to document the drawing and posting it on here.  I am not technical person.

The big problem is that life got in the way again.  My mom’s computer got hacked into so I had to help her out.  Did I mentioned that I am NOT a technical person?  Then I thought that I could move a table to get to plug in my charger.  Notice the word, “thought”, you guess it, I was wrong.  I ended up throwing my back out so that was just peachy.

So I missed a few days of working.  I am hoping today to finish 5 cards, and a bear.  No problem. . . . I hope.

In other news, I cannot remember if I mentioned this, but one of my hairdresser’s clients saw my cards and bears and offered to put them in her sales during the summer if I want.  Of courses, I said yes.  The sales went really good and  I sold out of little bears.  The only part that bugs me that she removed all of the care instructions of my knitted and crochet works.

Why would she do that?  If I brought a scarf, I would like to know of how to wash it without the fear of wrecking it.

The good news is the money I made from the sales, I was able to treat myself to a color and purple highlights.  I thought it would be nice to treat myself that didn’t involved chocolate, or yarn.  I thought of getting a manicure, but I am so stressed out that I have been chewing my nails.  So that is not a good idea.

Back to work.

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Last Monday, I got a phone call from my hairdresser.  My first thought was, “Oh shoot, I forgot about my appointment again.”  Which reminds me after I finish typing out this blog, to look through my purse for the appointment card.

But I digress again.  One of her customers really liked my stuff and wanted to sell some of my things at her sale during this weekend.  Fortunately I had most of the stuff done, but I did want to make 1 or 2 graduation cards, but that didn’t happen.  I had a request for more of my small bears except I didn’t have any.  I was hoping to make two during those two days, but now.

It was at the time where my dad got a new cell phone where apparently I am the only one in the family who can get it set up for him.  And trust me that, wasn’t easy.  It took me most of Tuesday to get it figure out.  And I am still not done with it.  My big problem is getting a loud ringtone on his cell phone so he can hear it.  Right now, it just vibrate.   My father does know that I am not good with gadgets, I prefer paper and pen.


So Wednesday, I was up until 5 in the morning, not because of insomnia, it was because I had to finish a bear.  I also made some quick albums including a sample one.  I used J’s dog Molly as my model.  I just have to buy an extra bag of dog treats for her.  When I get the sample album, I promise that I take pictures.  But it was a simple album that I am planning to make more.  And the best part of it was I can use scraps.

So here are some pictures of the things that I was selling all ready to go.

I did received an email from the seller saying that I sold a bear and a card.  And she wish to keep some of the stuff for another sale which I am ok with it.  I was still elastic, that this person wanted to do this for me.  How cool is that.

Other then that, I have been cleaning out my phone and sorting out my photos.  My phone has been getting full of photos.  Right now, I am waiting for my songs to finish downloading and it is so boring.

Anyway, I hope everyone had a good weekend.

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To Be or Not To Be . . . Complete

You may recall that I did a post about this ball of yarn and that I had no idea of what to do with it.  And that I have a yarn addiction that I do go shopping to get a fix.  But mainly, what should I do with this ball.  What should I make?

20160613_143525-1[1]Well after a few days of surfing, I found a pattern that I had on Pinterest.  The pattern is Quick & Easy Knitted Infinity Scarf from this link.  http://www.oursouthernhomesc.com/2013/11/quick-easy-knitted-infinity-scarf.html

I do not know why this link will not work.   So you have to copy and paste it yourself.  Good grief.

But nevertheless, here is the scarf.  I ended up making it into a cowl.  Something simple and easy.


In other news, I finished a step in the prize album for the Christmas Sale in Bentley.  I am currently waiting on supplies, but I thought I would give everyone a sneak peek.  I am really proud of myself that I might have to make myself one.


Anyway I hope everyone had a good weekend.

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A Christmas Surprise

One of these days, I am going to get my life organize and start posting regularly, but not at this moment.

Last Christmas, I decided to knit my 2 nieces and 2 nephews hats as their Christmas presents.  Which I should have realized that I should have started last July.  I didn’t get them done until after the holiday.  Fortunately, they understood and they were ok with it.

I made this ladybug hat for their youngest, J.

SAM_2004                    SAM_2016

The other three, I basically made the same hat, using different colors of course.

The pattern I used in that was Chunky Mochi Dragon Ribs Hat from Crystal Palace.  They were all very easy.

20141206_154004[1]   SAM_2015

SAM_1998     SAM_1993


They all loved their hats which I was very pleased and relieved.

However I decided that next Christmas, I am going to the store and buy their Christmas present.

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Lights . . . Camera . . . Action!!

And crossing my fingers that the batteries don’t die on me.

Lady L shown me an advertisement of an upcoming craft fair which it is in town and indoors.  But they are asking for photos of things that I’m selling. Which it is fair.  Except I do not have photos of things that I’m currently selling.  Believe it or not, things that I complete, they get sold before I have a chance to take a photo.  I do have photos of them for my portiflico.

Now saying that, I had thought of showing photos of things that I had previously made, like this shawl.



This happens to be one of my best pieces.  But it is already gone.  I am wondering if I can whip up another shawl in less than 2 months.  Oh boy.  Except I need more hats and scarves (like cables and fufu).  I wish that chain link scarf was done, but that is my scarf.  T will kill me if I sold that one.

I’m only allow to send 10 pictures max, which is only fair.  I can’t imagine the judges wanting to look at over 100 photos from one person.

This is what I have come up with.

SAM_1904 SAM_1893SAM_1879 SAM_1875 SAM_1868 SAM_1855 SAM_1851 SAM_1850SAM_1843 SAM_1840 SAM_1836


And I just realized that I have 12 pictures.  Pickles. Maybe it is a good thing that I have insomnia.

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I think that is what I can call this. I am honestly not sure. Most of the orders are done. And right now, I am working on stuff for my big November sale. I still have to figure out of how to make a display for my cards and such, although I have a strong feeling that I might just order pre-made shelves, granted the postage is going to be expensive, but compare to making this myself, it might be worth it.

I am trying to see if I can use styrofoam as shelves in one of my decorative boxes as shelves. It is not going to hold all of my cards, but compare to the big contraption, it should be better. I also have another bigger box which I am going to cut out one side and install the shelves. Then I am going to find some cloth to cover up the shelves, hopefully it will look better, I hope. But just my luck, I remembered the garage sale that my parents had and she sold several rolls of fabric. I am now kicking myself in not saving a piece or two.

I’m working on some cards, despite that I have more than enough cards. Well when I pulled some of my cards out for donation to Operation Write Home, I noticed something. That I was short of birthday cards for children and Sympathy cards. So I am making a few kid’s birthday cards. I’m also finding it sad that I am running low on sympathy cards.

So I am busy working on those.

I’m also working on a few scarves. I find this pattern on Pinterest which I thought this is cool.


My best friend T gave me yarn for my birthday and made me promise to use this yarn for myself. Do not make any teddy bears, slippers or scarves for Original Things. This is for me. I had put that yarn aside because I couldn’t really find a pattern, nothing stood up and grabbed my attention until now


Unfortunately there is not instructions to this scarf, only pictures, but it seem pretty self explanatory.

20140713_233733[1]   This is the first row.


IMG_20140719_214549[1]  This is the second row that I finished last night.


I also hoping to bring this to my knitting club, because I have been looking for a pattern to work on that is “mindless.” We gals at the knitting club like to gossip so I need something “mindless” to knit. This is not.

I hoping once I get it figure out, maybe I can make a few more for the sale. But I am trying to figure out the color combinations. Again, I have been checking out pinterest for ideas. The only stimulation is that I use the yarn that I have, lets trying to empty one of my totes. (I type this with my fingers cross.)

However my other problem is finding some “mindless” knitting or crochet to do. I’m kind of getting tired of making squares for my cosy blanket and my “idiot” squares blanket. I’m going to go through my WIP pile and maybe there is something. I know that there is another baby blanket that I can finish, and that crochet tote bag.






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Projects # 10 to # 15

I have a basket full of finish knitted and crochet projects.  All they need is to be trim.  That is when you weaved in the ends of the yarn to make it more secure.  You can cut the string off at the knot, except if you know for sure that the item will be under glass for example, it will be twisted, turned, pulled and yank like a t-shirt, especially when you wash it.  Eventually the knot will be undone and your piece that you worked so hard for is ruin.

It is also one of the few things that I hate about knitting/crocheting.  Its takes too long and it is boring.  So I usually leave it until I get a big pile of it.

I was hoping that this will explain the 2014 New Years Resolution List.  A quarter of the year has gone by which I should be around Project #25, but I am at Project #15.

SAM_1594       SAM_1595

But this my friend is a the kicker.  I have either knitted or crochet 49 projects in total which over half of them are not even on the list.  This includes the Mother and Daughter’s Cowl set.

I really want to keep this resolution, but I do not want to be up at all hours in December, making stuff, not for last minute Christmas presents, but for completing the list.

So no more whining and start trimming.

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Items #7, #8, and #9

I can scratch three more items off of the 2014 New Years Resolution.

These are Amish Diamond Squares from the “Knit Dishcloths”.  Squares that were inspired by quilt blocks.

SAM_1527         SAM_1529

The mint green is made from cotton yarn while the gold and red is from worst weight yarn.  It was from my oddball stash, so I do not know the which brand I used.  I just thought that since I had the pattern out for the dishcloth, I might as well make the two squares that were on the list.

The original plan was to make 30 squares (2 squares each pattern).  Noticed the word “original”  The squares measured 7 3/4″ by 8″ square.  If I went with the 5 squares by 6 squares layout, that would have given me 38 3/4″ by 48″  That is about a children’s blanket (42″ by 48″) or a lapghan for seniors home (36″ by 48″).  And according to my calculations, if I wanted to make a regular adult afghan, (48″ by 72″), the layout will be 7 squares by 9 squares.  63 squares in total, 4 squares per pattern.  My list has increased once again.  The only good thing of this so far is that I used up two balls from my stash collection.

In other news, Lady L showed me a new market, something for Original Things.  That is the good news, the bad news since my website is still down, I’m going to have to hussle my bussle and get my facebook page up and running.  It means that I have to make new things, just for the page.  Except it takes me about 2 weeks to make a big bear, rabbit and elephant, and about a week to make smaller critters, a couple of hours for a dishcloth and two nights for a scarf.  I’m already starting to feel my anxiety riding up on me.