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This morning, I was lying in bed, debating on whether or not to get up, or read on the latest gossip on celebrities.  I am not a morning person.  But my phone binged, telling me that I received an email and it showed, “Operation Write Home.”  My first thought it was from Operation Write Home so I thought, I would read it, give me a few more minutes of staying in bed.  But I read it wrote.  The subject was “Operation Write Home.”   This email read like:

I wanted to send you a quick note to express my thanks to you for sharing your time and talents with the many military members who are deployed overseas. My husband sent me one of your lovely cards recently. It will be something that I will keep and treasure and it is because of the many people like you who take the time to care and share your talents. What a great organization!!

I also enjoy stamping and card making, but have not been doing it for several years because of other commitments. I think I may have the itch to create again and will be making some in the near future….

Thanks again and many blessings to you!

Lynne B



To be honest, I was flabbergasted in receiving this email and almost in tears.  Tears of joy of course.  I honestly never expect to receive any email from anyone in service.  Yes, I wrote my email and where the card is from.  I saved this email and planning to have it print out and maybe scrapbook it.  But I wish I knew of which card she received because I could make a copy of it and put it in the scrapbook.

In other news, I didn’t get accepted in the October sale, but that is ok.  I still have make a couple of Halloween cards for Koda’s Kountry, which it is going slow.  Maybe because today, I spent a day cleaning up my table so I can get to my cricut machine.  After Christmas, I am going to take a month off and clean out my workplace.


Sketch #195

My arm is still giving me grief, so I apologized for any mistakes and for this blog being brief. It is getting better, but very slowly and understandable, frustrating.

Operation Write Home had its weekly sketch

which I thought that it is pretty easy to do.

Not only I found it easy, I also found it addicting. I kept making card after card after card using the same layout, just changing the theme. I think the reason that I like the layout so much is because I was able to use up my leftover embellishments. You know the ones, one or two stickers left on a sheet that you don’t want to throw out, but you cannot find a project to use it on.

This is my blank card where I used my sunflower stamp from my Stampendous Clear Stamps DAISY THANKS set.


This is becoming one of my favourite stamps. I even started trying out ATC.


Well lets just say, the first few attempts, were horrible. However I tried it with this sunflower stamp, this is what I got.   I know it needs something more. But compare to my last few attempts, I’m really happy with it.


I also used last week technique that OWH showed of how to make trees using a scallop punch for this sketch. I then punch out the star and small circles for the decoration.


My last card is with my owl punch from Stampin Up. That is when I had to forced myself to stop. I had to work on the other cards for the upcoming sale.

I’m still getting things together for the big sale next week. I forgot to tell everyone of where and when it is in case anyone is interest in it. It is on Nov 2nd, from 10 to 3 pm in Bentley Community Hall in Bentley, Alberta.

And I guess that is all for now.

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Sketch Challenge #180

Operation Write Home had this sketch out last Sunday, which I honestly thought it was going to be easy.

But as the old saying goes, “Appearances can be deceiving” This hold true to this sketch. What kept throwing me was the two rectangles on the right side.

Normally I would try it three times and if it doesn’t work, I move on. However, for some unknown reason, I refused to let this sketch beat me. So on the fifth attempt and at two o’clock in the morning, this idea came to me.


What about doing a faux layer on the card. And that is what I ended up doing. I ripped a sheet of regular paper in half and taped it down on top of the white card stock. Then I rubbed the sides, carefully without tearing the paper or having it curl up on me, with Tim Holtz’s Mowed Lawn distressed ink.


I then stamped leaves on the color bar. I inked the edges of the white cardstock, green cardstock and white card using the same ink. The sentiment is from “Thinking of You” from Art Gone Wild. I was very pleased with the results.


I also tried it using my Creative Memories, Wavy Cutter which again I was pleased with the results.



A Dino-Mite Card


Operation Write Home had a midweek throwdown. This week was to make cards for kids. I thought that this would be an easy challenge. I am an aunt to 8 kids so I have made one or two cards for kids.

I made this card before for a little boy. I have completely this card, months before his birthday. And of course, when his birthday came, I totally forgot about this card and made another one. Good grief.

Nevertheless, I thought that card would be perfect for this challenge. The dinosaur is from Create A Critter cartiage from the Cricut machine. I completed this card last night, but decide to take a picture of it in the morning. Except when I went to bed, I realized that I wasn’t happy with the colors. I originally chose the same green as the dinosaur for the card, but it didn’t seem right. I ended up tearing (carefully) apart at one in the morning.

So today, I changed the colors and now I am completely happy. I am planning to use a white paper for a liner, but decide to add it later when I finish the next batch of cards for Operation Write Home. I do admit, I am wondering of how to mail it. Can it be folded over the envelope like the other cards or do I put the whole card inside and tick off the volunteers who sort of this card.


Sketch #177

This is my second challange I did in one day. I guess I was on a roll. But for once, I actually just made one card instead of six or seven and struggling which card to pick. However, I really like this sketch. I thought I would have trouble with the banner, but once I measured and mark the central point of the black cardstock and draw guidelines to cut, it was pretty easy after that.

I brought this stamp set, “Horse Frontier” from Stampin Up. The minute I saw the horse, I knew that I had to have it. I am a horse nut, after all. So any stamps, paper, stickers or even yarn that has a horse name, I have to have it. I admit that I had to tweak the sketch just a bit. The focus point, I had to make a little wider and shorter to fit the horse.


I hope everyone can see the card clearly. If you cannot, let me know and I will take it again. I have a spot to take pictures of the cards, which happens to be on the dinning table. Well unfortunately, I just finished dinner and I wanted to take the picture of the card before the sun goes down. I wasn’t sure of how long this post and the one before would take.

And for once, I have all of the names of the papers that I used. The background paper, the boards one is from 6 * 6 MME Dolled Up Paper pad. The dark brown paper is Botanico Dragonflies from Chatter Box. I painted the horse with watercolors.

Other than that, I honestly do not of what else to say. However I do welcome any and all comments and feel free to follow me if you like. Ok, that just sounded a little bit creepy.

So I hope everyone has a good weekend.

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Things With Wings

Operation Write Home had issue a challenge last Wednesday, about making a card that has wings. I thought this would be a perfect time to try out Stephanie Barnard Dragonfly die-cut and stamp from Sizzlex. I love her stamps and die cuts. I already have a shopping list of what I want to buy. The only thing that is stopping me is of course, money.

I also got to try out the new Cuttleblug embossing folder that I purchased about a month or so ago.

And I do admit that it gave me a break from sorting out my stamps, and trying to come up with a better way to store them. I originally thought that this would be an easy challenge. But it wasn’t. I ended up making six cards before deciding on these two and right now, I still have no idea of which one I am going to use.

I ended up using Sketch #174 from Operation Write Home, just as a starting point. Sketch #174


The dragonfly card is made from scraps so I don’t know the name of the paper. I am trying to use up all of my scraps because my pile is getting big and of course, like any scrapper or card maker, we don’t have the heart to toss them out.

However the die cut and stamp are from Stephanie Barnard, “Dragonflies”. It was a challenge to do a die cut first and then stamp. With my Spellbinders, I stamp then cut. I ended up doing the cut several times before getting it right. I realized then that I probably need a stamp press. I remembered when they first came out, I thought they were too big, what was the point. Boy, I was sure wrong on that. I might be putting that on my Christmas wish list. The embossing folder is Anna Griffin’s Poppy. As to the “Hi There,” I found it in my stamp box. It fell out of its sheet. So you see of one of m problems with the stamps, they are not sticky anymore.


The Fairy Card. I used Posies Glitter Print from DCWV company. The fairy stamp is from Inkadinkado, “Beautiful Fairies”. I really like the stamp and was happy that I can actually use them. I think it tells you of how many stamps I have if I don’t use every one of them. I was pleased of how the watercolor turned out. I used Anna Griffin’s Poppy embossing folder.

So this is my result. And before I end this, I have to ask, it is just me, but does this challenge give anyone cravings for chicken wings?


Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

Before I announced the winner of my blog candy, I first wanted to say that this blog hop was amazing. It took me longer than I planned to look at everybody’s blog because my keyboard decide to quit working on me. I’m still trying to figure out of what is wrong with it. Meanwhile, I was fortunate enough that I was able to borrow this laptop. I think everyone did an amazing job on their cards, I learned a couple of tricks and become jealous of some of the stamps that my fellow card makers had. But most of all, I think our soldiers will be tickled pink when they get the cards.

One of the things that my father taught me, is when dealing with people, always put your hands above the table. Be honest and be polite. As well I wished that I have a video camera, so I can prove that I am being honest. Except I do not have one. So I am hoping that these pictures will help.

I also alpologized in advance for my paranoia or whatever you called it. Several years ago, I used to work in an auction house where I dealt with alot of dishonest people. And unfortunately, I don’t have that trust anymore. I am working on it to get it back. But this is the reason of why I am doing this with pictures.

I can say that I had 106 entries which I was impressed. I was honestly hoping for at least five. The way I have done this was I copied and paste everyone’s comments to a wordpad. I then deleted everything, but the name. I also delete the names of the people who requested not to be put in the draw. After that I numbered the list and place them into columns. Mainly because I knew that I was going have three pages. I also doublecheck the names.


Here is a close up of the list. I don’t know how I got that break in the list. Nevertheless, the count was still consisted so I left it there instead of fighting with it. And I did tried to rotate the picture before posting it here, but no such luck.


I googled a number generator program and came upon this site. http://andrew.hedges.name/e/random/

Here is a picture of the numbers entered


I had it witnessed when I pressed the enter key.


And the number is 78.

And the person with the number is Lisa’s Creative Niche.

So congradulations Lisa. I will be emailing you shortly to let you know and of course be asking for your snail mail address.

So thank you again for your entries. And I finally figured out of how to set up a follower button on the side so if you would like to follow my blog. Please do. My next blog will be the cloud tutorial, which will be posted tomorrow. Until then, have a good day.


Blog Hop for 2013.

Hello, I decide to join in this blog hop at OWH Stars and Stamp Blog which I think it will be fun. I am always fantastic of how other people make their cards. So here is my card
using Sketch #44;

Even though I am a Canadian, I do support the troops. They volunteered their services, knowing full well that they will be separate from their love ones for long periods of time. They know that they will miss their friends and family. They will miss their children’s soccer games, dinner with their family at their favourite restaurant, watching the Superbowl, or even going shopping at their mall. They do all this to give us our freedom. And yet, I can’t imagine of how much they miss them. So I do hope that these cards can bring their loves one some comfort.

In honor of my first blog hop, I am offering this prize SAM_0284

I have more detail photos of the prize in the previous post, “Prize Details”. There are Hero Arts Everyday Stamps, four Studio J stamps, rhinestones, Craftsmart ribbon, and crochet flower embellishment. All which you can make wonderful cards. All you have to do is a leave a comment which has your email address. And I will pick a random winner. Random as in letting the computer decide in one of those number generator programs. You have until Monday at midnight. And to make things more simple, I hope. My timezone is on MDT, or -6 according to the word clock guide. And I am two hours behind from eastern time. I hope that helps. Sometimes these times zones drive me nuts especially when I have friends in Australia and a sister in Louisiana.

So good luck everyone and enjoy your weekend!

UPDATE! ! ! First of thank you for everyone for stopping by and commenting. But I was going to ask people to put their email address down if they don’t have a blog so I can email you in case you win a prize, but then I looked down and see of all of these emails. Good grief, I am not a computer tech girl. However since I am getting a big response on the cloud background. My upcoming blogs (The second one because the first one is going to be announcing the winner.) I will post a picture tutorial of how to do it. It is quite simple. So happy blog hopping.

FINALLY UPDATE ! ! ! The drawing is offically close. I am going to be doing the draw, later on today. Mostly because it is almost 1 in the morning. I still welcome your comments, but I want to let you know that the drawing is close.

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Prize Details

So tomorrow is the blog hop for Operation Write Home. And I really hope that I got that link working. I decide to participart because it will be full and it will be for a good cause. I’m also giving away a prize. The details of how to enter is in the next blog, “Blog Hop.”
Basically if you enter, you might win a prize. The prize includes five stamps, ribbon, rhinestone and flower. SAM_0284

Including Hero Arts “Everyday Stamps”

Studio G Stamp, small floral background

Studio G Stamp, “HELLO friend”

Studio G Stamp, “I wanted to SAY thanks”

Studio G Stamp, “OH HECK, I missed your birthday”

Studio G Stamp, “MISS YOU like crazy”

Rhinestone stickers

Crochet Flower Embellishments

Craftsmart Ribbon.

So if anyone has a question about the prize, let me know. Take care.