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In The Year 2020

It is hard to believe that it is already 2020.  This is the year where we supposed to have rocket ships and traveling to the moon would be easy to travel to Mexico.  Well obviously, that didn’t happen.

As well as two Christmas videos that I had planned, that didn’t work.

I had another setback in my recovery.  I am having a very hard time of getting around.  I don’t know if it is the cold weather or the fall, but both of my legs are very stiff and walking around it is very painful.  Oh heck, it has taken me 3 days just to get to the compute to type out this blog because of the pain and the effects of the painkillers.  They work, but they also make me sleep a lot.

The MRI that scheduled last month . . . well . . . lets just it was a disaster is putting it nicely.  I ended up having a panic attack and muscle spasms.  So it has been postponed until March.  With a strong recommendation to get a prescription of a tranquiller.

I was counting on that MRI so I have an idea of what is going on and what is the next step.  Especially with the craft sales.

So the question is what to do now.  I am honestly hoping and praying that I do not become like Peg Bundy.  Although that is what I have been doing for the last week or so.  Sitting on my butt, watching tv.  My Christmas cards are not even done.  I even had to get my brother to do some of my Christmas shopping.

I am hoping to work on You Tube, but that is going to depend on my knee.  Which is ironic because this is perfect time to do more videos.  I’m also been thinking of taking an online course.  I am not sure which one yet.  I am still researching and the biggest factor is I do not want to jeopardized my healing.

I hope everyone had a good new year.

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Spooky Card

I know it has been awhile since I last uploaded a video or even blogged. Unfortunately I had a few setbacks which included a few more falls and a broken lamp.  Even though, it is a good thing that I have extra cushion in my butt, but can’t say the same for my knee.  It has been hurting bad to where standing become painful for me.

I had planned to do 5 Days of Halloween but that turned out to be a flop.  Mainly because when we dug out the stuff for the Bentley sale for November, we realized that we didn’t have much stuff.  Actually I nearly went into full blown panic when we found one box of knitted and crochet items.  It has been nearly two years since our last sale, and tells me that we didn’t do much work. Good news is that I found a second box, but it doesn’t ease the stress.

And yes, I know, “Lesley, you were recovering and still recovering from a brain injury which took you at least 6 months before you were able to make cards and such. And do not forget your knee and balance that it still giving you grief.”  And everyone told you that it will take at least a year to fully recover.  And it will take A LOT of patience.  I hate when they are right.

And I forgot that I sold most of my stuff at Koda’s Kountry. This is a good thing.  But nevertheless that means that I will be knitting and crochet my butt off till the sale.

However I wished that I knew before buying all of the Halloween stuff and threw out the receipt so now I cannot take it back.


But at least I got the Halloween cards done for Koda’s Kountry.


And I am not holding my breath for 5 Days of Christmas. I just need more patience and alittle more chocolate.

The only thing I realized that once I get back to normal or somewhat normal, I am going to have a lot of stuff to do and organize. I think that little more chocolate is going to change to A LOT more chocolate.

I did manage to make one video for Halloween, a card.

Spooky Card


The songs I used are available from You Tube Library.

  • Cemetery Clown
  • Spookster
  • TipToes
  • Tragic Story
  • She Died Up There, You Know
  • Skeleton Dance

The supplies that I used:

  • Halloween Recollection Acetate Paper Pad 4×6
  • Tim Holtz’s Halloween paper 8×8 (2018 version)
  • 5 x 6 ½ inch black Recollection Card
  • Double sided tape
  • Black Ranger Archival Ink
  • Tim Holtz’s Distress Ink – Hickory Smoke
  • Sponge Dauber
  • White Cardstock
  • Black Cardstock
  • Cutter
  • Spray Bottle with water

This was a simple and easy card to make.  I really like the Acetate paper pack and planning to keep my eyes out for more.  Although I honestly cannot see them as Christmas or Easter theme.

This is Sat is the big sale which I really hoping that the weather and my knee will be fine.  I am planning to bring my phone to shoot another video there.  Hopefully it will better than the one two years ago.

Bentley Spring Sale

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Father’s Day Card

I can’t believe that it is already June. This year has gone by so fast.  School is letting out and my oldest nephew is going to be graduating this year.  And Father’s day is upon up once again.

I am not sure of how all fathers feel about that day. With my dad, he doesn’t really care about that day.  He just want to have a nice dinner and he is one happy camper.  That is why for me personally, Father’s Day is one of the hardest cards for me to make, especially for my dad.

This is one of the reasons of why this Father’s day card is simple. You can change the sentiment to “Happy Birthday” or “Thank you” to this card.

The other reason is that I got a new stencil and die that I wanted to try out.

20190610_171831(1)[1]The video is at Father’s Day card

The supplies that I used are:

  • 5 x 7 inch brown card
  • Double sided tape
  • Foam tape
  • Art 1st Paint Pad 9 x 12 – Pacon (cheap drawing paper)
  • Brown cardstock (same brown as the card)
  • Dark Chocolate Brown cardstock
  • 3 ½ x 5 inch medium brown cardstock
  • Embossing Folder – Dots
  • Cuttlebug
  • 3 ½ inch circle die
  • E-scenery cutting Die – 3 Deers
  • Xyron Machine
  • “Happy Father’s Day” stamp from Recollection
  • Cutter
  • Scoreboard
  • Bone folder
  • Tim Holtz’s Distressed Stain- Vintage Photo
  • Tim Holtz’s Distressed Ink – Vintage Photo
  • Dauber
  • Tim Holtz’s Stencil – Birch Layering Stencil
  • Artist Loft’s Modeling Paste
  • Plastic Plate
  • Small Wooden Dole
  • Plastic Palette Knife
  • Washi Tape
  • Apple Barrel Colors Craft Paint – Cobalt Blue

I originally brought this paper for that book challenge but changed my mind. It is also cheap drawing paper which made the tearing easy. However it also meant that I couldn’t load it with layers with paint or else the paper will fall apart. I had to go in and out, no fine details. Which was ok, afterall this was a simple card.

Notice the word simple being underlined. Well that was because during the time I was using my embossing folder, the handle of my cuttlebug fell off. Good grief. It was an easy fix, but honestly, I was on a row and it kind of interrupted the flow.

The songs I used “A Revelation”, “Birds in Flight”, “Grass”, and “Wistful Harp.” are from You Tube Library.

With the summer being here, it means warmer weather. Nice to go outside to enjoy the sunshine. Except I am getting ideas for Halloween and Christmas videos. Like 5 days of Halloween and 5 days of Christmas. Can we say oh boy.

Once again, I apologized for the camera moving, my head kept bumping into it. I am going to see if I can fix this weekend.


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Change of plans.

I had originally planned to enter #Areyoubookenough in Instagram with May’s theme being the alphabet.

My original idea was not only make it into a You Tube video, but to make an old journal, someone to carry who would travel wherever he or she went.  It would be worn out and such.  As for the alphabet, I would have quotes from famous people like Einstein, Henry Ford, and even Batman and the Joker.  I wanted to have their portraits in the journal as well.

Except it didn’t turned out like that.  The printer ran out of ink which took time to get a new cartilage and the drying time.   You can see it easily on Albert Einstein’s picture of the problems I had with the printer.

I even posted on Facebook that if I had a nickel (remember Canada had abolish the penny.) every time I had to wait for drying time, I would be a rich woman.

My friend A suggest to start a piggy bank so I thought why not?  I must be inhaling too much paint fumes or something.

Anyway, I was not happy with the results of the book and didn’t enter it.

I sort of like the binding with the beads, but next time, I would change several things.  Like using canvas boards as cover and no coffee stain paper.  I know that I must be the oddest person who does not like coffee.  When I was staining the paper, my whole room reeked of coffee and add Frebreeze and scented candles, then smelled like vanilla-lavender coffee.  That was nasty.

Let alone, the paper tore very easily.  So I know of how to make a better one next time.  It won’t be for awhile.  But it also meant no video for my channel.  I have a few ideas, don’t worry.

I would like to try the Instragram thing again, but I am not sure when.  I know from October to the end of November is out because of the Bentley sales.

I also know two of the themes coming up are shadows and tickets.  I can’t help thinking that old Beatles’ song, “Ticket to Ride.”  At least, I don’t have to have 26 pages.   I remember when I was a child, there was a song about the shadows.  But dang it, I remember the melody and a few words, but that is it.  I don’t know the title or who even sang it.  I’m getting old.

My big hurdle at the moment is my knee and my balance.

My knee has been killing me for the past two weeks. All I did was one day; it wasn’t hurting so I thought I would clean.

Big mistake because even though I went up and down the stairs twice, my knee was screaming obscenities at me for the rest of the week.

Then I had to go on a few errands and get a mamma today which meant more screaming.  Terrific.  Even my balance was off.

I know, I know TPP&C. Time, Patience, Practise, and a little Chocolate.

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Lights, Camera, . . . Delays

I have been thinking about this for several months now and finally decide to take the plunge.  No, not getting married or even sky diving.  I decided to start a You Tube channel.  And trust me, every thought that came into my head of why this was a bad idea was there.

  1. This will make your depression and anxiety worst
  2. No one will watch it.
  3. You are going to pervert weird dos who wants to have sex with you.
  4. Your privacy will diminish.

But I decided to tell all of my doubts to go away and give it shot.  If it flops, I can hopefully delete the channel.

And so far, the channel has a been a complete adventure.  For one thing, I wanted to name it Original Things, but that name was taken.  So I called it Lesley Creates.  I am also shooting it from my phone and trying to figure out the set up was interesting, but I got it done.  Where I did shoot my first video which caused more delays.

For starters, the video tanked.

I did test videos before.  I recorded myself wiggling my toes.  I realized that it is Academy winner, but I wanted to practise shooting and get the hang of editing.  I even found music that I can used without getting into trouble.

I thought I already got the hang of it when I shot my first video.  Except it showed sideways and I couldn’t rotate it.  So all of that was delete.

I am currently editing my second video, a Valentine’s Day card.  There is a few mistakes, but so far, it is ok.  I didn’t realized editing from my phone takes a lot of power.  I am currently charging my phone so I can finish.  Not to mention, it takes at least five minutes to save the video.

As you can guessed, the channel is going to about crafts, mainly paper crafts.  I would like to figure out of how to incorporate yarn, but that is a working progress.  I also have a few ideas of creative storage.

Here is the link to the channel, Lesley Creates  I am hoping that this link works.

I hope everyone had a good weekend.

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Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018

So it is a brand new year which means New Years Resolutions.

So what are mine, you ask?

Fantasy wised:

  1. No more back pain
  2. Win the lottery


  1. Get the logo figure out.
  2. Open an online store.
  3. Clean out the filing cabinet for more storage.
  4. Redesign this blog.

Realistically, (what will likely happen):

  1. Sleep in more
  2. Drink more slurpees.
  3. Give into more impulse buying.

I am honestly not holding my breath on the logo.  I prefer the store and the filing cabinet to do be done first.  Heaven knows, I need more storage space.  And there are stuff in the filing cabinet that I haven’t touched in years.  So why I am still keeping it.

Although I have no idea of what I will be storing in there.  I might just get rid of it and get more bookshelves.  Who knows.

I am hoping that everyone had a good Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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With the internet growing bigger and bigger everyday.  And Big Brother seem to be more and more intrusive, our privacy seems to diminish.  I started to wonder of how much do I allow myself to be expose?

With Original Things, I do post pictures of what I am made or working, and when and where my sales are.  If I don’t do that, then I don’t make a sale.  That is common sense.  That I understand.

And yes, I have posted a few personal details of my life in this blog.  But how much do I open myself up to the world while still retaining my privacy?

My boyfriend forbid me to show pictures of his children on this site or any other site.  I can show pictures of what I made for them, but that is about it.  If I do post pictures of children, I admitted, I lied about them.  I lied about their age, where they lived, everything.  Even when I post about my friends, I always posted their first initial.

However several of the artists had told me I need to expose myself even more in order to make my business work.  And that is what is perplexes me.  How much can I expose myself without getting into trouble?

Many years ago, Geraldo Rivera exposed child sex ring where the molesters would post pornographic pictures of their victims, children on the internet to share.  He basically said that it was going to haunt the victims in years to come.  A perfect example, he gave was if one of them was going to run for office, someone can easily google his name and boom, there are the pictures.  His career and life is over before it even began.

That has stuck with me ever since.  I am DEFINATELY NOT a child molester or any other monster like that.   However I am born with a condition called achondroplasia dwarfism, which means I am a little person or midget.  By the way, I freaking HATE that word midget.  I had a MySpace page where I did actually posted a picture of myself and holy catfish, I had several offers of men wanting to have sex with me.  Not because I was pretty, or kind or I make the best fudge. It was because they all had a midget sex fantasy.  Seriously I don’t get that fetish.

Several month ago, a group of teenage girls wanted a selfie with me, and take a big guess why?  Yup, because I am little person.  To be honest, I was very grateful that my boyfriend wasn’t there with me because trust me, he would have chewed them out.

Which is why I am extremely hesitated of showing my face online.  I rather have my work speak for itself.  Does it really matter that I am short, that I have dark hair or blonde.  Or my eyes are brown or blue?

Nevertheless I am still perplexed by the question of exposure.

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Road Trip

I have been busy trying to get Mother’s Day, Graduation, and Father’s Day cards done before my holiday.  And I had a last minute order for more wedding and sympathy cards which I have one more wedding card to do tomorrow.  I am trying to get everything done because I am planning to go on a little holiday.  To be honest, I would like to go on this holiday for several weeks, but I have a feeling that I can afford a week.  Afford as not in money, afford as in time wise.

One of my hairdresser’s customers is having a craft sale down in Pigeon Lake and she wants to sell my cards and teddy bears for me.  And all of the stuff needs to be done by mid-May.  The sale is at the end of May which means after Mother’s Day, but it is in time for Father’s day and Graduation.

Anyway, I have been thinking and watching videos of what to bring art journal wise.  Some people had good ideas and good advice when you are planning to fly.  I am not flying, my destination is Edmonton, a couple hour away from here.  I want something to doodle while watching tv.  I know of what not to bring, like my acrylic paints, my Cricut machine, and paper cutter for example.  But that still leaves a lot like my watercolor pencils, pencils, eraser, pens.  I am thinking of precutting a few watercolor sheets to one of my art journal sizes and card sizes.  Maybe I will paint a few pretty pictures for my cards.

Other then that, everything else has been going crazy to the point where I am going to lose my mind.  I definitely need a holiday.

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Realistic Expectation

We all have that little voice inside of our head.

There is a nice apple in the fridge for you instead of that cookie.

Come on, 10 more minutes of studying then you can have a break.

Don’t put your hand in boiling water, you will get burn.

Right now, my voice is telling me that since I was born, I have a curved spine.  And I also have arthritis in my lower back and hip so I am bound to have pain.  It is also the middle of winter and having colds is common.

So it is realistic to have back spasms and it is a coincidence you caught a cold on the same day.  Except the only coincidences that I believe are I showed up at a party wearing the same outfit as another person.  Or I have pizza for lunch and my boyfriend takes me out to dinner and we ended up having pizza.

Anyway, so after I was finally able to moved the heavy boxes down where I can sort them out, my back started spasming like crazy.  And on the second day, I caught a bad head cold where my ears were even hurting.  So I spent the last two days in bed.  I am still sick today, but at least my back is much better where I was able to move around.

So back to realistic expectation, I should have expected my back was going to give me grief while I was cleaning out and sorting out my arts and crafts despite that I was careful and took it slow.

And Rome wasn’t built in a day so why should I expect my art space to be organized in a week.

I’m starting to think that for my New Year’s Resolution for 2018, should be eat more chocolate, drink more slurpees, and do more impulse buying.  Those are easier to keep than this.

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Back Pain and Mixed up Schedule


I am sorry that I haven’t blogged in a while.  It wasn’t for the lack of trying or coming up an idea of what to say.  Roughly two days after the last sale, I suffered from back spasms for over a week.  And holy cow, did they hurt.  I ended up taking strong painkillers for it which made me sleep during the day and night.  So now, my sleep schedule is kind of screwed.  As in I can’t sleep until 7 am.

Once my back was almost better, it was time to get organized.  Along with the aches and pains, it was interesting.  I found stencil that I didn’t know I had.  And yes, I did threw out some stuff which made my mother happy.  I am still cleaning up the craft table, coffee table and the couch, but now, I got them into bins.  Which is good, because this Sunday, I am having friends over for dinner.  And nothing like having company coming to get your butt in gear to clean.

So right now, I am asking myself, what is the plans for 2017 for Original Things?  I honestly do not know.  I have a few ideas, but nothing is set in stone.  I would like to do another draw, but I don’t know of what the prize should be.

I would like to figure out the portfolio here, and I should clean out the my photos.  I need to set up an online shop, but I have problems with etsy.  So maybe find something else.

I would like to take Original Things to a new level, but I don’t know of what that level is.  As well my boyfriend has some big plans for us which is up in the air.  I don’t know if they are going to come true or not.  He said that they are, but I learned a long time ago, to not get my hopes up.

So I will wish everyone a Happy and Safe New Year and  see you next year.