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My Cloud Tutorial

I was pleasantly surprised that people were commenting on the background. So I thought, what the heck, why not try and do a picture tutorial on how to create them.

To tell you the truth, I learnt from the internet and watching several You-Tube Videos. And if you have any questions for me, please feel free to post them in comments, I will answer them as soon I can.


But before I begin, the reason that I never mention any of the supplies for the owl card was because I wanted to keep it short. Most of you know the owls are from the owl punch from Stampin Up. This punch has become one of my favourite punch because I love the versatility of it. You can make tulips, several types of monsters, penguins, reindeer, hippo, clothes for a clothing line and even the Potato Head characters. And you can even dress up the owls into bride and groom, comic book characters, Santa, nurse, and even pirate.

The other pattern paper is Bo Bunny Double Dots, Dark Demin Vintage, the branches is from Tim Holtz’s Branch Tree Die, I just snip off the branches, and I used scrap cardstock to make the owls.

To Begin:

You will need white cardstock in any size. You might want to get it slightly bigger so you can trim it later, that is entirely up to you. You also need scrap cardstock for the cloud template. It cannot be looseleaf or thin paper, the paper has to be sturdy. Blue Ink (I’m using Color Block Pigment, Royal Blue), a sponge dauber (I’m using Tim Holtz’s blender tool). The yellow line paper, I thought it would be easier to see the white cardstock on.


There are 3 different ways to make the cloud template.

1. I used a scallop circle punch. I have a 2″ size.

2. If you don’t have the punch, you can draw a cloud on scrap cardstock.
and cut it out

3. Or if you have a scallop edge scissors, cut a circle with those scissors.

I used a scallop circle punch for the card, so I am going to use it for this tutorial. I placed the circle on top of the white cardstock on the top corner SAM_0303

and rubbed the blue ink against the template, leaving a white negative space. I only used 1/4 to 1/2 of the template. And ignore the arrow, I thought I needed it when I did the pictures. Turns out I don’t.
I then move the template over and rubbed the ink again.
SAM_0304 SAM_0306
I continued this in a downward motion.
SAM_0307 SAM_0309

As a final step which is completely optional. I GENTLY ran my dauber across the clouds to tone down the white clouds. My reason is that this was going to mounted on a dark blue card with a dark blue pattern paper and the owls were dark brown and black. I really didn’t want the clouds to pop out so much.


As for trimming, I trimmed off 1/4 size off the paper, again, up to you. I did it because you don’t see the start of the clouds.


Again, personal opinion.

I hope this helps.

I probably not going to blogging again until next week because I need time to get my keyboard fixed and I need to work on my orders. So I hope everyone have a good week.

8 thoughts on “My Cloud Tutorial

  1. Thank you so much for posting your cloud tutorial. I will be giving this a try! Makes a beautiful background! ~ Marilyn

  2. Oh.. This is neat. Thanks so much for telling me so I can come look. Thank you also for the tutorial. I just learned so much and will be trying this very soon. I will be back as well to learn some other neat tricks from you. I just followed you by email so I dont miss a thing. Thanks again.

  3. Yep, this is how I do them, too. Yours look amazing, where mine look meh. I’ll try darker ink next time. THANKS!

  4. THank you for sharing this great tutorial, and I love the darker blue color you use!
    BTW, you said you were having trouble getting my email to show up on my blog. just hold your cursor over the little icon on my right sidebar that says “EMAIL” and look on the bottom left of your screen – you’ll see my email showing there 🙂 I hope this helps you to find it should you need it in the future!
    Thanks again, and have a great week!
    Carol http://ourlittleinspirations.blogspot.com

  5. Thanks for the tutorial! It is actually a very simple process that I didn’t think of and appreciate u explaining! Have a great weekend off the blog world! 🙂

  6. Wow! love it and thanks for the tutorial!!!

  7. Maybe that’s my problem, I’m not using a dark enough ink, ’cause yours look fantastic and mine look ehhh! Will try again!
    Thanks for posting this and sharing your adorable card on the hop!

  8. Thanks so much for letting me know about your wonderful tutorial! I need to try this out!

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