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3 Bunny Easter Card

For those who have recently subscribed to my blog, I bid you welcome and I hope you enjoy my blog and channel.

I posted another video, Easter which I know it is less than a hour away.  And there are a few mistakes in the video.  I have no idea of how I posted a set of instructions twice.  Nuts. I know, I know, it is a learning progress.  I need to be patience.

The link to the video is 3 Bunny Card

The supplies that I used are simple:

  • 5×7 pink card
  • 12 x 12 Pink Bunny/ Lapis Rose Pattern paper from Recollection
  • Bunny Stamp from Inkadinkado
  • Easter Sentiment stamp from Craft Smart Stamps
  • White ink, Color Box
  • White Embossing powders
  • Embossing sack or a dryer sheet
  • Martha Stewart Edge Punch – Double Loop Punch
  • Square Punch 1 1/2 inch
  • Heating Gun
  • Bone Folder
  • Paper Cutter
  • Double Sided Tape
  • White Cardstock
  • White ribbon
  • Scissors

One of the channels that I watched on YouTube is  Mike Deakin

where I learned the double sided tape trick.  I can still adjust paper before finally gluing it down completely, saving me a bunch of headaches of having cards with papers that do not align.  It drives me nuts.

Anyway, I hope everyone has a good Easter.  I find it funny that it is on the same day as April’s Fool Day.  I wondered when that will happen again.  Probably not for another 100 years.

I will talk to you soon.



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Valentine’s Day Card

For those who are reading this blog for the first time, welcome to my blog.  I should clear something up before I continued.  As you may noticed my channel is called “Lesley Creates” and the name of my business is called “Original Things“.  The simple explanation was when I was creating this channel, the name Original Things was already taken.  And I didn’t really like Original Things 2.  Since my name is Lesley, I came up with Lesley Creates.

I done my first video, and I am sorry for the editing mistakes.  I am hoping that I will improve with practise.

For those are not from You Tube, here is the link the video.

Valentine’s Day Card

Here is the list for the card:

  • 5 by 6 1/2 inch white Recollection card
  • 90 lb watercolor paper cut to 2 by 6 1/2 inches
  • red cardstock cut to 3 by 6 1/2 inches
  • Inkadinkado Heart stamps
  • Clear Embossing ink, I used VersaMark Embossing Ink Pad
  • Anti-static pad, I used Recollection pad
  • Tim Holtz Distress Inks – Fired Brick, and Pickled Raspberry
  • Double-sided tape
  • 1/2 inch wide white dotted red ribbon
  • Sizzlex Flower Layer #3 Die
  • White cardstock, roughly cut to 5 by 6 inches
  • Circle dies, 4 1/4  and 3 3/4 inch diameter
  • Jolee’s Boutique Silver Dots
  • Recollection gems

So I hope you like the video and please subscribe.

Hope everyone is well.

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Cleaning and More Sorting.

I finished Valentine’s Day card for Koda’s Kountry.  Lets see if I can do the link again.


Oh nuts, I can’t.  Maybe I can fixed it later.  I still knee deep in spring cleaning.  This weekend, I went through all of my old sketches, recycling 80% of my sketches.  If you do not mind me tooting my own horn, my skills have improved greatly since I started.  As well I started storing my sketches through a different system.  And my binder full of knitting and crochet was bursting at the seams.  So that divided up into smaller and manageable binders.

And yet, my place still looks like a tornado had hit it.  Terrific.  The only bad part of this is that there are two big boxes that I have to go through.   They are my cardstock and pattern paper.  The big problem is that they are super heavy and I still have a bad back.  Before I used to have this old footstool where I was able to placed the heavy boxes and move them around.  But we threw out the footstool so I am kind of screwed.  I probably can figure out another way.

The other bad part is that I am having one heck of a time of getting my canvas boxes label.  Apparently, the cute chalk labels that I made for them doesn’t work.  I cannot find a glue that works.  Unless I go with crazy glue which oh heavens to Betsy, that is a mess itself.

Other then that, things have been quiet.  I have to come up with some ideas for Easter cards, but I have time.  Unfortunately enough time, to figure out the papers.  Oh goody.  It is not that I don’t mind the work, it is the back pain that I do mind.


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Outside the Box

A couple of weeks, I was hanging out with my friend W, where I told him about the “Cheap Art Challenge” and what I was planning.  Even though, he did like the sketch of the horses I showed him, he told me the idea of a challenge  is to think outside of the box.  Which is true, however to me, it means portraits.

Portraits are not outside of the box for me, they are more like I am standing in the middle in the dark, scary forest being chased down by monsters and my flashlight is going out.

Apparently, his words were stuck in my mind because the next day, I went to the Dollar Tree to pick up some more aluminum tape.  They were out, so I ended up picking small magnets for album closures.  While I was walking around, I found this.

20160817_222748[1]8 inch circle canvas.  That is definitely outside of the box because I never used a circle canvas before.  So that with these markers, I also ended up picking up poster board.  I need a cover for an upcoming album.  But that for another post.

Now I am facing the “White Background” syndrome again.  Even though, I am planning to use the markers as sprays, but then what.

The circle reminds me of one of those portholes, (I think that is what you call them).  Anyway, it remind me of either on a ship or in a submarine, where you are peeking out to see life underwater.

Except Vicky Papaioannou from http://www.clips-n-cuts.com/2016/08/art-journal-layout-vitamin-sea/  .  I don’t know of why I can’t insert that link.  She is a very good artist when it comes to art journaling and cards.  She is one of my favourite channels on You Tube.  Anyway, she recently did a journal piece of a the porthole.

You see of where I am getting at.  Even though, they say imitation is the best form of flattery.  But kids also say,

Lesley is a copycat.

Lesley is a copycat.

Good grief.

The other day, while working on my order and feeling like a cooked turkey.  The temperature was 29C and my AC was broken.  I could feel my brain frying.  Which could explain my next idea.  I thought of finger-painting for the canvas.  Then giving melted crayons another chance.  Explain the brain frying.

Finger-paint is out side of the box and free, but again, what do I paint?  I kept thinking pumpkins. Why am I obsessed with them all of the sudden is a good question.  I don’t have the answer to that.  Finger-paint, I can do flowers, but I can’t do small detail work.

I am going to let it sit for now.  I want to work on the horse one for a bit.  And do a couple of tests on the poster board.  Here are some cards that I recently complete for an order that was due today.


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Blank Canvas VS Drawn Canvas

I had to take a break from the Cheap Art Challenge because I had an order for Koda’s Kountry.  This was probably the hardest order to fill.  Not hard as in to fill, hard as to staying awake.  I found myself falling asleep on the couch a couple of times during the day.  So the good news, my insomnia may be over, the bad news is it is during the day where I need natural light to work with.  So my internal clock is screwed.  Oh goody.

I didn’t have time to take many photos, but here of what is going to Koda’s Kountry.

20160803_003717[1] IMG_20160721_143333[1] IMG_20160721_143052[1] 20160803_114600[1]

Would someone please remind me to see if they have a blog or a website so I can link this blog to.

Back to the challenge. Some artists have difficulties or even fears of “The Blank Canvas”.  When I was in art college, we had a visiting artist who would splash some color on the canvas even before her classes began in order to get rid of her fear.

You are right when I first started this challenge, I had that fear.  I did not know of what to draw.  When I finally picked out my subject and sketch it out.  Which by the way, I did this at night and without wearing my glasses or contacts.  I am nearsighted.

In case, you are wondering, I used this pencil and eraser.


The eraser was a prize from a cereal box, many years ago.  And the pencil was just lying around the house.  I still have all of my pencils from collage and highschool.  I might be a hoarder when it comes to that.  Either way, they were free.


I am hoping that this link work.  Somehow this photo is not in my phone.

I now face a new challenge, how to color it.  Obviously melted crayons will not work.

So I could go with acrylic paint from the Dollar Tree.  But I do not have much of a selection.


Or the watercolor pencils.  Or I can use both.  Watercolor pencils for the background while the acrylic paint for the horses or reverse.  This is suppose to be fun, not causing stress.

Speaking of fun, I took 2 sheets from the art sketch pad.  Remember where the computer paper was better than that paper?  One sheet, I coated it with white paint while the second one, I didn’t nothing.  Actually I forgot.  I brought some rubbing alcohol spray at the Dollar Tree, and added a few drops of the paint.  I sprayed the paper, and sprayed it in several layers.  The green had the white paint undercoat.

20160803_135430[1] 20160803_135455[1]

I am quite please with the result.  The green reminds me of the Northern lights.  But if you are asking of what I am going to do.  Simple, I haven’t got the foggiest idea.


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Tuesday Night

Since December, my friend J has been coming over where we work on cards, scrapbooking, and other paper crafts together.    During that time, I made a birthday card for a little boy who lives in Australia.  Two actually.

SAM_1961    The first one, I used the robot stamps from Recollection.  Even though, it was a cute card, it just didn’t suit the little guy.

SAM_1966  I have wanted to try out the Lego cards. I did that one on the a Tuesday.  I liked this card much better.  I was very surprised that it had taken me almost 2 hours to make.  I had one heck of a time of figuring out the measurements.  If it didn’t take so much time and patience, I would have inked the edges.  But in all honestly, he is just a little boy who would care more about the present than the card.

SAM_1975 I also ended up making a cover for one of the books that I was binding.  I really liked it.

20141206_153435[1]  I tried something new in the books.  The book is 3 inches by 4 inches.  Some of the pages are actually 9 inches by 4 inches, giving it a fold out look.  I want to see if I can make a bigger size, but I am limited to the page size.

I’m actually enjoying our time together, it get me going on making cards.  Lately, I haven’t found the urge, whether is because I am sick, still tired from Christmas, or I haven’t came up with any good ideas.

However I made these cards for my friend T.

20141223_173248[1]  This card is called the Magic Card from Tracylovestoscrap.  You can find her YouTube video here.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZtskXgfAwuU  I hoping that link works.  I’m sorry that it is blurry.  I didn’t realized that my eyes were getting bad until a few days later when I had my arm outstretched to read a text.  And unfortunately, I already the mailed the card.

The only thing that I have problems with this card is getting an envelope to mail.  I ended up gently folding the ends back and putting in a card plastic cover before mailing it.

20141223_173024[1]  This is Fancy Fold Screen Divider from DOstamping.  I want to try to do another one with a scene in there, like flowers or trees

Anyway, that is all I can say.  I hope everyone is doing well.

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Happy New Year

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  I first must alpologized for the long absence of this blog.  For about a month, I have been suffering from severe stomach pains where the doctors do not know the cause yet.  I have to go in for more tests.  For the moment, I am better.  However due to this, I have been so behind on everything, including sending out Christmas cards and finishing up Christmas presents.

Speaking of cards, these are some of the cards that I have done.

20141223_173248[1]  This has to be one of my best cards.  Unfortunately it is a little blurry.  I took a bunch of photos before mailing it, which I assumed that one of them would be clear.  Oh no.   I got this idea from Tracylovestoscrap on You-Tube.  It was pretty easy to follow, the only two downsides of this card is it is not really a magic card.  And there is no envelope to fit.  I ended up folding it very carefully and wrapping it in a clear card bag before putting it in a bubble wrapped envelope.  However the person who received it loved it.

20141223_173024[1]  This is called Chinese Screen Card.  It was very interesting to do.  I would like to do another one with a scene on it, like a forest or something.

So as 2014 ends, I had completed 74 knitted or crochet projects which 18 of them were on the list.  To say that I completely bombed that New Years Resolution is accurate.  As well in 2013, completed 115 projects.  I also used 19 balls of yarn.  I think I can safely say that I had a bad year when it comes to this.

Other than that, I hope to post more soon. Once the people received their presents, I will be posting pictures of them here.

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The Day After

Ok technically it is two days after.  It is almost 2 in the morning now and I am planning to set the time to post this later in the morning.  Lately I found that all of my postings are done after midnight and since this blog on Facebook, I feel like I don’t get much attention to this.  Not that I am asking for attention for myself, just attention to my business.

Moving on.  The sale went good, despite that I had less than two hours of sleep.  I almost fell asleep at the table, using the baby blanket as a pillow.  But I have to admit that baby blanket was very comfortable.  In the picture, it kind of feels like “Where’s Waldo” and I also look like one of the mannequins’ heads.  I didn’t realized that my grey hair is coming out again.

I have to say that I am really happy of how the new display turned out.  The only two problems that I had it with it that I couldn’t show as much of my things because the displays took up more space.  And second, if you notice that new card display which is much nicer and cleaner, and didn’t take up half of the table, people still thought the cards in there were only on display, not for sale.  Good grief.  I’m going to have to make up a mini sign for that.

The other strange things that I received more response and sale to the skulls hats compare to the animal hats.  I honestly thought that I would sell out them out.  I actually got an order to make a skull hat for a toddler.  Then the day before, I went to the bank to get some spending money, where one of the girls who work there, liked my hat.  She ordered one.

The bad news of the order is that she wants the exact same color as the one I have.   The one where the purple yarn is from T.  She is not going to be happy.

I also been told that there is another sale in Innisfail later on this month.  Tomorrow or in a few hours, I will be calling them to see if there is any opening lefts and how much is the tables.  If not, can I put on the list for next year.

So today, I was feeling worn out, like my body was carrying a heavy weight.  I couldn’t even get out of my pajamas today.  I was planning to clean off my work table and give it a good scrub.  Instead I wrapped myself in a blanket and work in my art journal.

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Lights . . . Camera . . . Action!!

And crossing my fingers that the batteries don’t die on me.

Lady L shown me an advertisement of an upcoming craft fair which it is in town and indoors.  But they are asking for photos of things that I’m selling. Which it is fair.  Except I do not have photos of things that I’m currently selling.  Believe it or not, things that I complete, they get sold before I have a chance to take a photo.  I do have photos of them for my portiflico.

Now saying that, I had thought of showing photos of things that I had previously made, like this shawl.



This happens to be one of my best pieces.  But it is already gone.  I am wondering if I can whip up another shawl in less than 2 months.  Oh boy.  Except I need more hats and scarves (like cables and fufu).  I wish that chain link scarf was done, but that is my scarf.  T will kill me if I sold that one.

I’m only allow to send 10 pictures max, which is only fair.  I can’t imagine the judges wanting to look at over 100 photos from one person.

This is what I have come up with.

SAM_1904 SAM_1893SAM_1879 SAM_1875 SAM_1868 SAM_1855 SAM_1851 SAM_1850SAM_1843 SAM_1840 SAM_1836


And I just realized that I have 12 pictures.  Pickles. Maybe it is a good thing that I have insomnia.

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Taking Pictures

One of the good things about having a digital camera is that you can take up to a 100 pictures to get that one perfect shot and not worry about wasting film.  Even though, I didn’t take a 100 pictures, I did take at least 30 of one card.  Jen from Splendid Stamping showed a tutorial of how to take pictures of your cards. She brought up a few good points like reading your manual.  At the moment, I kind of misplaced my manual.  I have a feeling it is in a pile of old magazines that that I am currently going through.  Anyway, so I thought, since I had a digital, why not just try the buttons and see of what comes out.  Here is a set up of the photo shoot of the card.


I ended up going with white foam boards for the cards and I already brought the black foam boards for the white cards. The chair with my note pad, I ended up using it to rest my elbows as I took the pictures so I don’t shake the camera. I think I might have to start thinking of getting myself a tripod for my camera.   However at the moment, I think this set up will do.  I noticed a couple of photos that you can tell the difference from Setting A to Setting B.

Like with this  SAM_0765  and SAM_0774.  The first photo is taken with the Tungsten setting in the White Balance mode with the ISO setting of 100 while the second it is set with Daylight setting with the ISO setting of 800.

However with these two photos,  SAM_0772 and SAM_0774.  The only difference is the ISO setting.  To be honest, I can’t really tell the difference.  And in case, anyone was interest of why the post it notes are there, it tells me which setting I used.

But as I am typing this, I am wondering if I would have the same results if I used a white card with a black background?  As well today is a sunny day with hardly any clouds.  What happens if tomorrow or any day was a cloudy day when I take pictures of my cards?   I will try it again with the black background tomorrow.  And I might have to take another a look at the photos later on tonight.