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Cheap Art Supply – Take 2

Once the pages were dried for the notebook, I still wasn’t happy with it.  And that journal page was basically turning into a blue page.  So basically crap.

Two days ago, I had to pick up some eyedrops and ended up going to Michaels where they were have “Dollar Deals”.  Which meant great sales.  I picked up two 12×12 white cardstock.  One of them I already used for cards while the second one, I already put a coat of white paint from Dollar Tree.  I wanted the paper to be more sturdy, even though, I have no idea of what I am going to be doing.  Normally I would be using gesso, but that is against the rules.

They also had craftsmart paint for two for $1.50 so I brought a couple of colors. Crayola was having a sale of buy one, get the second one 50% which I picked up crayons and watercolor pencils.  And of course, I ended up walking by a display of scrapbook supplies where they have everything 70% off.  Yeah, I was in trouble, besides buying some stuff for my cards, I found a Dyllusion stencil for $4.  Sweet Georgia Brown, what a deal.

Except when I tried the stencil out on the notebook and journal page, using a make up sponge (which I had those for years) and spray.  It did improved the book, but it was still not good enough.  As to the art journal page, it was worst where I just ended up painting white paint over it.  I’ll use the page for something else.

However an idea, actually 4 ideas finally came of what to paint or draw for this challenge.

  1. Pumpkins
  2. Underwater with killer whales and fish
  3. Dragons
  4. Gargoyles

I still have small canvases from the Dollar Tree.  I actually I have one canvas that I royalty screw up on so I am going to be using it as a test for the melted crayons.  However I know with wax, water repels from it so I can’t use my watercolor pencils.  I have no idea of how it will react with acrylic.

As to the 12×12 sheet, I am leaning toward the watercolor pencils and do a pumpkin scene.  I think the wax crayons might be a little too heavy.  And granted I can cut out the pumpkins from cardstock and modge podge them, but won’t that be consider cheating.

Or maybe make paint sprays like I have done with the old markers and spray the background.  Then draw the dragon or gargoyle, using a ballpoint pen?

Three days ago, I had no idea.  Today, I have too many.