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Cheap Art Supply Challenge

During one of my insomnia nights last night, I was watching You Tube again.  Which by the way, I think I may be running out of programs to watch.  Anyway I stumbled across an art challenge that was issued last year amoungst artists that looked really interesting and hopefully relaxing.  Do a piece of art only using cheap art supplies like the ones you get from the Dollar Tree.

I can already hear all of my art teachers from art college telling me that in order to produce good quality of art, you must used good quality art supplies, which means expensive art supplies.  So I am respectably plugged my ears to my art teachers and give this a shot.  And already I ran into my first problem.

What to make?  Most of the artists did portraits work which I don’t.  In fact, they kind of stressed me out.

I have a couple of canvas, 4 bottles of paint (2 black, 1 brown, and 1 white), sketchpad which the paper really sucks from the Dollar Tree.


I do have paperbags that I got free from McDonalds and Tim Hortons, so I can make an album, but that is time consuming.  I already received another order from Koda’s Kountry, plus 5 albums to make.  So that is out.

A small notebook as in 4X6 size.  I still several empty cereal boxes or even use that sketchbook.  Except the paper from my printer is far better quality than that paper which is telling you a lot.

I already a couple of markers that I still have from college which I wasn’t even sure that they had dried out or not.  So I ended up making into ink sprays.  The colors I chose or had were black, blue and red (not shown in the picture).


After I pulled apart the markers and soak them for a few hours which I had to clean up my work space, work on my art journal and of course, still come up with an idea.

20160717_152347[1] 20160717_152543[1]

I knew if I used a canvas, the colors would be so transparents, that I couldn’t even see it.  I ended up spraying about 14 sheets of paper, knowing the transparency would work.  I did go heavy on two pieces of paper for the book cover.


I had a watercolor paper stash, you know, leftover from cutting to a certain size for a specific project.  One of them fitted my moleskin journal so I threw that in the spraying area.


I don’t know of what I am going to do that and the book cover.  Since I have black paint, I might paint something silhouttle.

And it was a long progress, took all day.  I even ended up making more sprays, I found another black and blue markers from Michaels that they sold for $1.50 each.  But this time, the color was more intense where I ended up spraying it down with water just to diluted. I just finished spraying the last pages.  The one thing that really surprised me that I had paper underneath and this paper I had used in the past for spraying and such.  The moisture from the paint soak through and it bled on the paper so I have different colors.  I have to see of what it looks like in the morning.