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Trying to Catch Up

I know it has been awhile . . . again since I last post.  I have been still dealing with back problems and cleaning.  This is my next big cleaning up project.

The clean stamps.  I foresee a few slurpees and chocolates just to get through it.  It is a complete mess.


Although a funny note is while I was sorting out my buttons, this truck button was stuck in this jar.  I eventually got it out with a help from a friend.  But still that question still remains, how the heck did it get in there if I can’t get it out.  Good grief.


However I have participated in a few art exchanges.  One was favourite quote on an ATC and we had to used a playing card.  This was mine and the second one was the one I received from the exchanged.  I went alittle overboard because I completely covered the playing card.

20170106_1442471    The quote is from Maya Angelou, “You can’t use up creativity.  The more you use, the more you have.”


20170216_170052120170216_1701311  These two are birthday cards for my nieces.  I cannot believe one of them turned 18, ghee, it didn’t seem so long ago when she was playing with Barbie.

I did do a delivery for Koda’s Kountry for Easter. And please excuse my big toe in the shot

img_20170227_1054351 img_20170227_1051221

As for knitting, I just finished these two pieces.

img_20170303_1435161 img_20170303_1430261

So that is basically it.  Now wonder my back hurts.


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Cleaning and More Sorting.

I finished Valentine’s Day card for Koda’s Kountry.  Lets see if I can do the link again.


Oh nuts, I can’t.  Maybe I can fixed it later.  I still knee deep in spring cleaning.  This weekend, I went through all of my old sketches, recycling 80% of my sketches.  If you do not mind me tooting my own horn, my skills have improved greatly since I started.  As well I started storing my sketches through a different system.  And my binder full of knitting and crochet was bursting at the seams.  So that divided up into smaller and manageable binders.

And yet, my place still looks like a tornado had hit it.  Terrific.  The only bad part of this is that there are two big boxes that I have to go through.   They are my cardstock and pattern paper.  The big problem is that they are super heavy and I still have a bad back.  Before I used to have this old footstool where I was able to placed the heavy boxes and move them around.  But we threw out the footstool so I am kind of screwed.  I probably can figure out another way.

The other bad part is that I am having one heck of a time of getting my canvas boxes label.  Apparently, the cute chalk labels that I made for them doesn’t work.  I cannot find a glue that works.  Unless I go with crazy glue which oh heavens to Betsy, that is a mess itself.

Other then that, things have been quiet.  I have to come up with some ideas for Easter cards, but I have time.  Unfortunately enough time, to figure out the papers.  Oh goody.  It is not that I don’t mind the work, it is the back pain that I do mind.


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Craft Sale Check List

I have less than a week before the December craft sale in Bentley, and for some strange reason, I am feeling zen.   I am not freaking out where my poor boyfriend has to talk me down.  (And now, I am probably jinxing myself for this)  I should be because I had less than a month to replaced all of the things that I sold.  Cards are no problem, once I figure out the sketch and such, they take no time.  But when it comes to hats, scarves, cowls and slippers, that takes a lot of time.  But honestly, all I feel is tired and a little bored.

I have been reading these checklists on craft sales and I thought, what the heck, I show you mine.   It is different from other people.  But my advise, do of what you think is best.

  • Your products – trust me, this is the second year in a row where I forgotten something.  Last year was the albums and last November, was the scrubbies.
  • Float – That can be store in a cookie tin, you do not need a fancy cash register.  But I do recommended of bring a lot of small bills.  People can buy a $3 card and pay it with a $20 bill and boom, there goes your float.
  • Calculator – except nowadays, it is on everyone’s cell phone, so you are cover.
  • Pen and Paper – to keep track of what you sold so you know of what to replace.  And write down upcoming orders.
  • Business cards – They don’t cost much and heck, you can even do them on your own computer.
  • Snacks – in some places, they may not have a concession stand or you are unable to get to it
  • Plastic bags – One for your own personal garbage.  And others to put your product in.  I know some craft vendors have custom made plastic bags with their logos on it.  I sadly do not.  Mainly because I still come up with a logo which it is still driving me nuts.
  • Display items – Like tablecloths, shelves, boxes, signs.  I recommended to do a mock display at your house so you know of what to do and what goes where.
  • Sweater/ Jacket – in case you get cold
  • Tylenol or Aspirin – sitting in a hard chair for 6 hours will hurt you

That is all I can think of.  I know I am missing something.

I hope everyone is doing well.

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A Boring Post

I was hoping when the time comes to blog again, I would have something to tell you.  Some progress on the Cheap Art Supply Challenge, a knitting project, art journal, you know something.

But I got nothing.

This week, my aunt was suppose to visit, but we were waiting for her to call us to let us know of when the plan was suppose to arrived.  We waited, waited, and waited, until we called to see of what was going on.  She totally forgot about it, including buying the plane ticket.  Oh good grief.  So now, she is saying that she is planning to come at the end of this month.  But we will see.

Meanwhile, my dad brought a new couch and you guessed it, he wanted in the room where my mini studio is.  The couch I had was over 40 years old, it was parent’s couch and it is completely worn out to where I had to put a plastic lid underneath the cushions so it wouldn’t sagged and wreck my back.

So with dad, the movers and everyone in between, my little studio got shoved into many places where today, I am still trying to find stuff.  So this week, I have been putting it back together, putting stuff away and believe it or not, throwing stuff out.  Stuff like ATC that I was working on almost a year ago and such.  I realized I am not doing much trading with them so instead of making 10 per series, why not make 2 or 3.  Right now, they are going into my mail art, which I need to get off my butt and get that sent right away.

I am still battling fatigue and now, forgetfulness ( I am hoping it is not going to become a family’s trait), because it took me all day to find my reading glasses and I have 3 pairs.  I ended up using the ones that I use for this computer.  And just a hour ago or so, before I had my shower, I found my regular reading glasses.

I found out the hard way that the government does not issue notification that your driver’s license is going to expired.  And what I mean the hard way as in I got pulled over by the cops last week.  And now I have a $300 ticket.  Terrific.  Plus $85 for license renew fee.  Mom offered to helped me with out the ticket which I can pay her back in installments.  Still, I don’t like asking for help since both my parents are on pension and they are also helping out my brother.

So am I a bit stressed out.  Considering at my visit with my therapist, which was also this week, I had a little meltdown in therapy.  Not crying, throwing a temper tautum or furniture, I just made a statement using my outdoor voice.  Which is why I got my dosage changed.  I am hoping it get rid of the fatigue.

Tomorrow, I have to make more cards for my hair dresser so I am hoping that I have a space to work at.  Better yet, some ideas of what to make.

So in reality, I did have something to say.


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5 Minutes to Make a Mess

And 5 hours to clean it up.  That is how the saying goes right?  I assumed that there is a saying for this.

And I just received another reason to clean.  My aunt is coming over for a visit.  Nothing like having company coming to get this place clean.

I had 3 goals in mind, the other day.

#3  Work on the Cheap Art Supply Challenge

#2  Get the cards for my hairdresser done for next week.

But first and foremost:

#1 Clean up

Right now, my place looks like a tornado just landed.  And I knew the clean up would be simple.  Obviously I was wrong.

One of the signs of depression is exhaustion.  And boy, do I have it.  And it was during the day where I get up, have breakfast, sit on the couch to get my stuff together.  And before I know it, I opened my eyes and it was dinner time.  Crap.  After dinner, back on the couch and the next thing I know, it is 10 o’clock at night.  Double crap.

And even though, I don’t sleep at night, I still feel worn out.  If I didn’t have this heaviness, I would beable to clean up.  I don’t need natural light for that.  And figure out about the links in this blog.

I visit my doctor where he changed my doses so now it is the game of wait and seeing.  Another theme song.

So tomorrow, I have to get this place in ship for my aunt, but I  also have to pick up some more supplies.

I also got another idea for a journal which I am really hoping it will work.  Fingers crossed.

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A Tutorial about Storing Ribbons

I thought I show you of how I stored my ribbons. Which itself is odd considering that I am going to be moving in a few weeks and I may have to change it. Anyway, I thought what the heck. I know that there are a few scrapbookers would store their ribbons on curtain rods or even installed rods on their walls.  Which itself is a good idea.  But first of all, I am petite, I cannot reach on top of my curtains without using a ladder.  Second at this moment, I do not own the house that I am currently living in therefore, I am not allowed to drilled holes into the walls.

I found this tutorial online and for the love of goatcheese and sour pickles, I cannot find it again to show youBut what this person had done with her ribbons was absolutely brilliant.  This is how she stored the ribbons.

SAM_0361  As you can see, it fits perfectly in a plastic tote.

SAM_0387 Which fitted nicely in my drawer with a small plastic bin for scraps of ribbons that I do not have the heart to throw away.

What you do is take cardboard.  Which can be back of scrapbook pads of paper, cereal boxes or whatever you can find.  As long it is clean, clean as no oil stains.  I can’t tell you what size to cut it down because every plastic container is different.  In my case, I used cardstock paper that I knew that I would never use.  I alpologized for the neon color, but I didn’t realized it was so bright when I saw the pictures.  In this case, I glue several pieces together to make it more sturdier.

SAM_0383  I then wrapped it up using brown wrapping paper, the one you use for parcels.  There is a reason of why you need to wrap the cardboard which I will get to.  Now the reason that I used the brown paper is because the color is neutral.  You can use wrapping paper, but I caution you because if you wrapped ribbon again Dora the Explorer wrapping paper, the colors may clash and your eyes will probably go wonky.  Not to mention, I do not know if the colors from the wrapping may bleed into the ribbon.   So instead of a white ribbon, you might have a tie dye ribbon which is cool itself, but if you need a white ribbon for a card or a scrapbook page, you are kind of in trouble.

SAM_0385  I then wrapped the ribbon around the rectangles.  I taped the end of the ribbons the paper first before winding it around to make it more secure.  You do not hurt the ribbon.  This is where you need to use the paper, because after it is wrapped, you stick pins into the rectangles to secured.   The pins go through the brown paper.   However in some cases like the twine string, I had to use tape, because it was too fine or too stiff for a pin to go through.

SAM_0375  As you can see, I was able to wrapped many ribbons on one rectangle.

SAM_0369  In the beginning, I tried to keep it in the colors together on one rectangle, but as time gone by, I used up the ribbons and replaced it with the new.  It basically took me an afternoon to wrapped the paper and wrapped the ribbons.  And I did have a few empty ones in case of shopping spree.

Which has worked wonderfully for me in the past, in fact, I may keep it the way it is when I get into my new place.

Anyway, I hope everyone had a good weekend.


Still Purging and Now Updating.

I am hoping that this will be the last post that I do using my friend’s laptop. I finally got the keyboard fixed, sort of. They are mailing me a new one which should be arriving any day. So since I have all of this downtime, I decide to continue with the purge and updating my scrapbook area.

I finally figured out of how to get the links working. Lady L, is a friend of mine who makes really pretty jewelry, so I added her link to her store and to her blog. You should check it out.

I also changed the header to one of my photographs. I am working on one for this blog, but so far, I am not pleased with the results that I am getting.

Meanwhile, I am still going through my scrapbooking stuff. I am finding that I didn’t know I have like chipboard flowers, and lettering. I also found stuff that I haven’t used in over 5 years, like foam sponges. I’m going to give to them to my boyfriend’s children. And now I am finding some room in my drawers which is actually quite nice. But the million dollar question is how long will it last?

As to the updating part, I used to teach scrapbooking and cardmaking for Spotted Canary School. It is a company from EK Success. One of the things that the company had showed me was to keep a punch book. It is basically a notebook where you glue your punches inside. The idea is when you go shopping for scrapbook or cardmaking supplies, you bring the book with you so you do not buy the exact same punch.

I tweaked my book a bit. I used a binder instead because it was easier to show to my students than a small scribbler.



I also added punch tricks, is what I like to call them. Basically what else you can do with your punches.


And finally I added embossing folders and spellbinder die cuts. I found it easier to see of what kind of dies or embossing folders in the book rather than searching in my drawers, making another mess.




During the time that I was making the book, I came up with the idea of making a stamp book. Again for the same reason, not to buy the same stamp, even though some stamps do retired. But for me personally, I find it easier to see of what kind of “Thank You” or food stamps I have.


And since I started this blog, I realized that I have to list of what the name of the stamp and the company they are from so I created a new section.


And to be perfectly honest, I am not understanding why I need to do this.

I’m still tackling of how to store them. I have plenty of ideas for the clear stamps, but as to the wooden one. Zip.

On a good note, I found someone who is interest in my scarves, I have to bring in my samples to show her. So cross your fingers.