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The Sale, A Week Later

So last weekend was the big sale.  It didn’t go well due to weather.  Believe it or not, I didn’t even sell a single card.  I did sell some slippers and hats.  Even the fudge lady that comes every sale to sell that delicious fudge wasn’t even there.  Bummer

My phone decide not to charged so I had to borrow my mom’s to take some of these photos.  She took the first one, the rest are from me.  She is the woman in the photos with the coffee.  She loves her Timmies.

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Unfortunately, with the sale, I hurt my back and hips.  I mean it was so painful just to get into the car.  And since today was Sunday, a week after the sale, it is the first day that I can actually move around without too much.  My back is still tender.

So I guess the good news is that I don’t have to do much, except now that I have no excuses not to clean up my little art space and bedroom.  Damn.

I do have an order from Lady L, which I like to get started as soon as possible.

Other then that, things have been quiet.  I have been resting and trying to heal.

I hope everyone is well and enjoying their weekend.

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With the internet growing bigger and bigger everyday.  And Big Brother seem to be more and more intrusive, our privacy seems to diminish.  I started to wonder of how much do I allow myself to be expose?

With Original Things, I do post pictures of what I am made or working, and when and where my sales are.  If I don’t do that, then I don’t make a sale.  That is common sense.  That I understand.

And yes, I have posted a few personal details of my life in this blog.  But how much do I open myself up to the world while still retaining my privacy?

My boyfriend forbid me to show pictures of his children on this site or any other site.  I can show pictures of what I made for them, but that is about it.  If I do post pictures of children, I admitted, I lied about them.  I lied about their age, where they lived, everything.  Even when I post about my friends, I always posted their first initial.

However several of the artists had told me I need to expose myself even more in order to make my business work.  And that is what is perplexes me.  How much can I expose myself without getting into trouble?

Many years ago, Geraldo Rivera exposed child sex ring where the molesters would post pornographic pictures of their victims, children on the internet to share.  He basically said that it was going to haunt the victims in years to come.  A perfect example, he gave was if one of them was going to run for office, someone can easily google his name and boom, there are the pictures.  His career and life is over before it even began.

That has stuck with me ever since.  I am DEFINATELY NOT a child molester or any other monster like that.   However I am born with a condition called achondroplasia dwarfism, which means I am a little person or midget.  By the way, I freaking HATE that word midget.  I had a MySpace page where I did actually posted a picture of myself and holy catfish, I had several offers of men wanting to have sex with me.  Not because I was pretty, or kind or I make the best fudge. It was because they all had a midget sex fantasy.  Seriously I don’t get that fetish.

Several month ago, a group of teenage girls wanted a selfie with me, and take a big guess why?  Yup, because I am little person.  To be honest, I was very grateful that my boyfriend wasn’t there with me because trust me, he would have chewed them out.

Which is why I am extremely hesitated of showing my face online.  I rather have my work speak for itself.  Does it really matter that I am short, that I have dark hair or blonde.  Or my eyes are brown or blue?

Nevertheless I am still perplexed by the question of exposure.

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Taking Pictures

One of the good things about having a digital camera is that you can take up to a 100 pictures to get that one perfect shot and not worry about wasting film.  Even though, I didn’t take a 100 pictures, I did take at least 30 of one card.  Jen from Splendid Stamping showed a tutorial of how to take pictures of your cards. She brought up a few good points like reading your manual.  At the moment, I kind of misplaced my manual.  I have a feeling it is in a pile of old magazines that that I am currently going through.  Anyway, so I thought, since I had a digital, why not just try the buttons and see of what comes out.  Here is a set up of the photo shoot of the card.


I ended up going with white foam boards for the cards and I already brought the black foam boards for the white cards. The chair with my note pad, I ended up using it to rest my elbows as I took the pictures so I don’t shake the camera. I think I might have to start thinking of getting myself a tripod for my camera.   However at the moment, I think this set up will do.  I noticed a couple of photos that you can tell the difference from Setting A to Setting B.

Like with this  SAM_0765  and SAM_0774.  The first photo is taken with the Tungsten setting in the White Balance mode with the ISO setting of 100 while the second it is set with Daylight setting with the ISO setting of 800.

However with these two photos,  SAM_0772 and SAM_0774.  The only difference is the ISO setting.  To be honest, I can’t really tell the difference.  And in case, anyone was interest of why the post it notes are there, it tells me which setting I used.

But as I am typing this, I am wondering if I would have the same results if I used a white card with a black background?  As well today is a sunny day with hardly any clouds.  What happens if tomorrow or any day was a cloudy day when I take pictures of my cards?   I will try it again with the black background tomorrow.  And I might have to take another a look at the photos later on tonight.