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Still Purging and Now Updating.

I am hoping that this will be the last post that I do using my friend’s laptop. I finally got the keyboard fixed, sort of. They are mailing me a new one which should be arriving any day. So since I have all of this downtime, I decide to continue with the purge and updating my scrapbook area.

I finally figured out of how to get the links working. Lady L, is a friend of mine who makes really pretty jewelry, so I added her link to her store and to her blog. You should check it out.

I also changed the header to one of my photographs. I am working on one for this blog, but so far, I am not pleased with the results that I am getting.

Meanwhile, I am still going through my scrapbooking stuff. I am finding that I didn’t know I have like chipboard flowers, and lettering. I also found stuff that I haven’t used in over 5 years, like foam sponges. I’m going to give to them to my boyfriend’s children. And now I am finding some room in my drawers which is actually quite nice. But the million dollar question is how long will it last?

As to the updating part, I used to teach scrapbooking and cardmaking for Spotted Canary School. It is a company from EK Success. One of the things that the company had showed me was to keep a punch book. It is basically a notebook where you glue your punches inside. The idea is when you go shopping for scrapbook or cardmaking supplies, you bring the book with you so you do not buy the exact same punch.

I tweaked my book a bit. I used a binder instead because it was easier to show to my students than a small scribbler.



I also added punch tricks, is what I like to call them. Basically what else you can do with your punches.


And finally I added embossing folders and spellbinder die cuts. I found it easier to see of what kind of dies or embossing folders in the book rather than searching in my drawers, making another mess.




During the time that I was making the book, I came up with the idea of making a stamp book. Again for the same reason, not to buy the same stamp, even though some stamps do retired. But for me personally, I find it easier to see of what kind of “Thank You” or food stamps I have.


And since I started this blog, I realized that I have to list of what the name of the stamp and the company they are from so I created a new section.


And to be perfectly honest, I am not understanding why I need to do this.

I’m still tackling of how to store them. I have plenty of ideas for the clear stamps, but as to the wooden one. Zip.

On a good note, I found someone who is interest in my scarves, I have to bring in my samples to show her. So cross your fingers.